Roulette Systems to Avoid

SA1: Straight-Up Bet on One Favorite Roulette Number

Only the payoff is enticing in this case (35-to-1), but you are assured of losing at a rate of 5.26% of your total bets. The roulette software you get with this system (SuperRoulette) shows lengthy reports on each roulette number. The roulette wheel does not favor any number whatsoever. There is a discrepancy among numbers, but there is no strong bias towards a particular one — unless the wheel is worn out.

Some roulette numbers hit more frequently than others within certain ranges of spins. Percentage-wise, the frequency differences are not mathematically significant. And nobody can accurately predict which number will be more frequent within the next range. The operative word here is SKIP. The SKIP represents the number of roulette spins a number waits between hits. The skip varies between 0 (zero, i.e. consecutive hits; it is also 1: number of spins back) to over 200.

These roulette skip values are absolutely in accordance with the Fundamental Formula of Gambling. It will be common occurrence that your favorite roulette number will skip over 100 spins at any given time (during your playing session). So, what’s the big deal of winning $36 after you lost $100? How about waiting 200 roulette spins for your number to hit? It really happens! Also, it is very unwise to track 100, or 200 spins, given the $35 potential win!

Conclusion: I do not recommend you play a favorite roulette number.

SA2: Bet That the Next Roulette Number Will Be a Consecutive Hit

It certainly happens around 26 times in 1000 spins. Playing this way, we still lose 5.26% of our total bets. As you can notice in the SuperRoulette reports, sometimes it happens 35 times (or more!) to encounter consecutive hits in 1000 roulette spins! Indeed, there are these situations: You play on consecutive hits and win 30 times (or more) within 1000 roulette spins. You are a winner! But that doesn’t happen all the time, first of all. Secondly, the profit is not that big. Keep in mind also that you can wait for a consecutive hit over 150 spins sometimes…

Conclusion: It’s not worth the risk! You should use it only when you must play in order to keep your seat at the roulette table! You can improve the outcome somehow by skipping some spins.

SA3: Instead of betting on consecutive hits, you bet that the next number would have also hit in the last 0 to 9 roulette spins.

It is a combination of the two NON-betting methods presented above. In this case, the situation is more manageable, because the probability p is higher: p = 1/4 (approximately). You remember the rules above. If the probability p is significantly above 50%, there are more frequent winning streaks and shorter losing streaks. Conversely, if the probability p is significantly below 50%, the losing streaks are longer. In the case of p = 1/4, the losing streaks can reach over 30 roulette spins! It’s dangerous to bet with the expectation that the next roulette number would have also hit in the last 0 (1) to 9 (10) spins.

Tracking is easier than in the case above, but still difficult. There is a new element we can use in these situations, however: the median. Look at the SuperRoulette roulette software reports (the ROULETTE.REP file). The median for 1 to 10 hits is 2 or 3. In half or a little more than half the cases, the median will be 2. In other words, the next roulette number will be a repeat from the previous 10 spins in a little more than half the cases when this betting hits.

More explicitly: This type of betting hits around 250 in 1000 spins (1 in 4). In a little more than 125 roulette spins, the betting will hit within 3 spins from one another! If you think it is complicated, it probably is. Don’t continue to read it, IF you don’t understand it! Keeping track of this type of betting is complicated, too. So complicated, that I do not recommend you use this type of roulette betting! Nobody knows better than me how the Fundamental Formula of Gambling works (the configuration of W/L streaks). You should use it only when you must play in order to keep your seat at the casino table! Especially use it when it hit within the last 3 spins.