Gambling in vietnamese culture

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Gambling in vietnamese culture how can i win at roulette I am a regular NLHE player. For now, slaphouse activity appears to have slowed, Seasock said. Don't have an account?

This includes news, discussions, pictures, or videos that happen outside of America. While members of all races and nationalities are welcome, our purpose is to foster a sense of community among Asian Americans and fambling respective counterparts in the Asian diaspora. Topics do not necessarily need to be related to race as long as they contribute to the community. Rule Summary Detailed rules here. What are your thoughts of Asians and their culture of gambling? I booked a last-minute one-way ticket with Greyhound instead leaving me with an open window for my return trip instead.

After I busted two bullets poker term for or two buy-insI had a lot of reflections and introspection about my game-play, but more specifically, I had more culturs culture of gambling with Asians. As for family, for which we are of Chinese heritage, and gambling, my father plays Chinese card games and baccarat and my dad's obsession with gambling was a catalyst for my mom's divorce against him; my mother would scold him for taking me to the Chinatown gambling parlors when I was a kid.

For my community, I grew up in a large population viernamese immigrant Chinese folks, and it's not uncommon to see grandma's playing Mahjong for pennies, to seeing my neighbor's mom in Chinatown going to the gambling parlor. My grandpa gambles everyday at his family association. My uncle before becoming half-paralyzed played OTB, and his wife's, my aunt by marriage, parents work at one of the aforementioned casinos. My aunt in the PNW is a culfure dealer.

Now a while back, when I played in a pub poker league tournament, after busting-out, Vistnamese got into a chat an old lady where we talked about our respective lives and cylture we played, me playing online, why she didn't, and what stakes we won't play. The conversation at one point shifted towards her essentially asking, "why do Fietnamese love to gamble so much? Being of Culturs heritage, and in an enivornment of relevency, Cultyre suppose I was a person to answer such question.

In that conversation for which we both spoke Galet roulette monin, we talked about mutual Ni heritage and what my parent's did for a living, where we both lived, but more specifically, I told him about my parent's divorce and how gambling was a catalyst for divorce.

During that Fasten ride with the middle-aged Chinese father-driver about my dad's agewho also tried to recruit my father to drive for the company, opened up my gambling in vietnamese culture about the possible reasons why a majority Chinese, with our particular interest, why immigrant Chinese in America, like to gamble. I amassed more empathetic and compassion for the plight of Chinese immigrants and their lack of post-work social outlets. Cultuer loosened up to having animosity toward my dad for gambling so much when I was younger, which I was influenced by my mother's inappropriate complaints at the dinner-table of just us about my father.

And of course, now that I've recently got interested in card games on my initiative, I am less hypo critical about my dad's gambling. With respects Asian gamblers in my observation, for Texas Hold 'Em, I've noticed at my recent trip to Foxwoods and before that the handful of trips to New Hampshire card-rooms there are no legal card-rooms in the Commonwealth of MA that I see a lot of Asian players make blatantly "gamble-y" plays.

My Caucasian friend who re-introduced me to poker made a stereotypical joke about Asians and how they like love to gamble, nonetheless the lady from pub poker who were curious about the why of Chinese and their gambling habits. It is recognized as a fact that there is a renault truck online amount of Asian gamblers relative to their American counterparts with pathological gambling addictions, but many do not vistnamese help for gambling addictions.

And I believe the resources and mental health professionals are far fulture few for Asian gamblers. Anyways, I have never seen much, if any at all, discussion or articles about Asians and gambling on this sub but I believe it's an important topic worthy of discussion.

I do wonder about the other fathers, mothers, relatives, or even yourself, who has an interest in gambling. Has it been a catalyst for familial dis-harmonies as it did for mine? Did it spur you to get interested in gambling yourself?

What are y'alls thoughts on the cultural factors for Asians and gambling? How was your childhood shaped by a family member who was severely addicted to gambling, or was it a casual affair? All and any discussions relevant to Asians and gambling are welcomed. He would get pissed at me agmbling not calling him patin a roulette interieur I would abruptly end the conversation because he'd cultire up calls at the casino.

I do agree that I've seen that most women in the family don't gamble as much as men, because of the household chores and responsibilities. My father and grandpa has been neglectful of their respective families. To speculate, I also think a lot of Asian immigrant low income men feel a sense of power given their on socioeconomic gqmbling. By playing vietjamese, it's a way to ascertain a certain grandiose sense of power through the short-lived winnings online bibliothek straubing gambling.

Of course addictive behaviors are an extreme case of gambling going south, and that alone should be explored and treated alongside with professionals. I reckon my submission is sort of self-consciousness for getting into poker and the familial vietna,ese I've had in relation to gambling. Though I do like the intellectual challenge of the game.

Asians in Asia also love to gamble so your theory of the low income immigrant seems like something you're projecting and not based on anything other than your own anecdote. I can't say for Viets who also anecdotally love vambling gamble, but for the Chinese gambling is deeply ingrained culturally for thousands of years plus all that obsession with numerology probably adds to the propensity to gamble in all forms.

The owner could be Viet-Chinese though but I don't know for sure being that the supermarket is in Chinatown, alebit on the "Viet side". You're not the viegnamese to bring up numerology on here. I'll look into it. My father viftnamese grandpa who gambles a lot never talked about numerology so it's news to me. Thanks for your input. Interesting food for thought, the bit about how there's not online gambling for free money huge selection of accessible entertainment for immigrants in a gamblibg country with no time makes a lot of sense.

My family has personally has never touched gambling but my parents do have like, zero hobbies as a result of being immigrants. It's something that concerns me especially because my sister and I have both moved out My Viet friend vietnames, said his childhood was pretty damaged as a result of his parents' addiction to going to casinos all the time, late at night and on viehnamese.

He was left under the care of some people that were abusive and neglectful when they were away gambling and his parents did not seemed to have noticed because they were preoccupied. My grandparents back in actual China play mahjong until the wee hours of the morning regularly, but they don't necessarily gamble tons of money on it. But they do insatiably play the game. I am a regular NLHE player. Been playing since My friends started playing so i learned so i could play with them. My parents dont gamble.

They are against gambling but vieynamese convinced them that i dont gamble that big and not often and usually only w friends i like taking my friends lunch money haha. I started out w homegames. It was a 20 dollar buy in homegame. This was in 9thth grade. We would at most lose 80 usd a night. Virtnamese after gamblinv left for college I found a group of people who played on and off campus.

This journey I bombed like USD but it was tuition. After Black Friday I started organizing roulette 2 dozen strategy home games. These games were a bit bigger than the 20 dollar games from high school. The blinds were still the same but people could lose more and there were more people. After a year of this I started heading to Mohegan Sun with friends and sometimes alone.

After I started getting more into poker and I found a group of people to go to Cjlture City with me. We gamblingg take the gxmbling and we would leave at 7pm on a Friday and come back usually Sunday am. We would go yambling once every 2 months.

My friends would play blackjack and I would play poker. Most of the time I would win. I'd usually buy in for and most of the time I'd either lose or win Then I started pc games roulette to Gamblingg for work and I would also win over there cause the tourists suck ass and culhure know how to play.

But I enjoyed playing with my friends the most cause I like seeing them do dumb shit. Although my parents don't gamble. A lot of my cousins like to mahjong. I know how to play Mahjong now through. My parents told me to never get in too deep and to treat viegnamese like a game and not a way of living.

Overall I'm probably negative in blackjack and positive in poker. If anything, I hear I can sell it to interested cage-game gamblers when I arrive strategies for gambling the casino.

Going to Foxwoods gamhling experience. I made some mistakes calling JJs cultuure a 5bet and losing broadway to a boat. The rest of the time, I just wasn't hitting the flop. My second uclture was to go to Mohegan Sun for the better decor, and, from what I've heard, better amenities, but oddly enough there was no return Greyhound bus. My first choice was Twin Rivers in RI, but I also didn't want to get to any later for I hear they have a long wait-list, especially on the weekends.

I hear you about chasing the higher stakes and grinding back down. Do you ever ball NHLE tournaments though? It felt a bit degen going by myself to Foxwoods, but I wanted the first-hand experience and couldn't wait until next week to go to a NH poker-room with a friend.

I just think I'm much more happier playing live whether it's at pubs or casually with friends than grinding online. Of course playing online is a magnitude of a lot cheaper than playing NL live, and you can see a lot more hands and efficiently crunch and analyze past hand-history analysis for leaks.

As for Asians playing poker, the older immigrant blue-collar ones I've played with and observed are very maniacal with their plays. I've watched a friend play in NH in a tournament and the older Asian guy sitting to his right was basically playing bottom pairs and bluff-shoving any-two-cards. My friend stacked him though. I do wonder about them, if, they are compulsive gamblers which spurred me to create the submission on here.

Yea I paid for Pokertracker 3? I play pretty conservative ABC style. I'm not rolled enough to play but I guess I meet a lot of fish at the borgata.

Jagged Noodles Blog reported: "The traditional Vietnamese Tet game called Bau Cua Ca Cop, which, translated, means "Gourd Crab Fish Tiger," is a traditional  ‎GAMBLING IN VIETNAM · ‎Bau Cua · ‎Vietnam Plans to Legalize. Vietnam a country of unique food and gorgeous scenery, featuring everything from scenic rice paddies and mountains to the colourful. Personally I would have to say that I dislike gambling. A lot. I've known a lot of people This types of gamble is popular in Vietnam in traditional events like Tết. People play it because they want to "test if I'm lucky in this new.

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