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The issue of fairness of the game is not new. It was and is always there, across all types of roulette wheels. From physical wheels that are found to use electromagnets or be biased to less than random Random Number Generators rouletre online casinos. This is exactly the reason, that recently the concept of provably fair games gains traction and popularity in the gambling interbolck. Players worldwide have been questioning the fairness of the relatively recently introduced intefblock roulette machines, otherwise known as airball or rapid roulette or even more broadly called electronic roulette.

We will try to give some answers. Air-ball roulette systems, often produced in the East-European country of Slovenia, came to the gambling venues in the late nineties. For those, unfamiliar with the game: The setup typically consists of an electric rotor powered roulette interblck covered by a glass dome. The ball is launched by being blown out of the pocket by a puff of air. All wins or losses are doulette electronically. The interval of independent spins is typically eletcronic between 60 and 90 seconds, assuring a steady game flow.

To answer the question what they really are, it might be helpful to scrutinize some of the patents related to this subject. Through the eyes of the gambler, these machines may look like a regular roulette with the difference that the dealer is absent. One would think that the mechanical number distribution would be completely random and determined by the laws of physics.

However, this understandable assumption cannot always stand hold. I discovered the following, when taking a closer look at an online patent from the latest generation automated roulette machines, USPatent US A Before the wheel is spun, or electronuc the wheel inteblock begun to spin, elwctronic random number generator selects a random outcome of a roulette game event outcome.

For the true roulette lover, this quote might be quite shocking. I started having serious doubts about the fairness of my local air-ball machine when noticing a great difference in patterns while observing the automated roulette machine, versus actively wagering s for real money. It even gets more unsettling, just let sink in the following quote:.

The deceleration should be smooth so as to avoid the appearance of control over the wheel which a player might consider as a fraudulent control. It is important to know that air-ball machines, even the same model and manufacturer, could have different game setups and software versions, hence the values presented herein are not representative for other electronic roulette models.

The roulette game depicted in this patent is different from roulett conventional roulette wheel: In example, the track and the alphanumeric remain stable do not rotate during actual play of a game event. To outline all differences is beyond the scope of this article. However, an important paragraph from this patent is worth noting: Interblocm last statement underlines that present technology as described in this patent is downwards compatible with older air-ball roulette machines that are set up elwctronic the conventional roulette wheels.

Many roulette hacker download free thick deflectors with little space left in between, only one or two dominant drops, very little scatter of the ball and frequent hits next to your wagered numbers, are all indicators that should raise suspicion.

Elaborate and empirical testing would be itnerblock for each and any individual air-ball roulette machine, to come to definite conclusions. Taken into account these quotes, one must be wary that some automated roulette models are able to chose number outcomes before or during ball launch and determined by a Random Number Generator RNG.

The same class as slot machines, poker machines and RNG games. I believe it would be fair if casino patrons were informed about the true nature of air-ball roulette games; that the winning numbers are determined by Brunswick times gambling and not by law of physics. Players beware that conventional looking roulette wheels with a live dealer could make use of RNG electronically controlled rotors such as the Cammegh Mercury RSS.

Electronic roulette interblock read on the companys brochure:. I have captured my personal quest about beating air-ball roulette with the help of Advantage Play AP techniques in the following video:. Skip to content A rpulette of confidence The issue of fairness of the game is not new. Who makes this online gambling us

Interblock's Diamond Roulette is an electronic, fully automated version of the roulette game, available with a single or double-zero roulette wheel. The MiniStar Roulette is available with 5, 6, 8 or 10 seats and with either a Single-Zero or Double-Zero Roulette wheel. The MiniStar Roulette is built to accommodate any casino floor with a much smaller footprint. MiniStar Roulette consists of a fully automated roulette generator. MiniStar Dice offers Interblock automated Craps in a smaller footprint. Interblock’s newest automated dice generator consisting of three different colored single-dice generators that can be configured for either Craps or Sic Bo games. TRIO is a visually impactful Electronic Table.

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