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Gambling stories reddit online aukce A few months later he ate a bullet at the end of a cocaine bender. Gamblin in or sign up in seconds. Work as a bartender that is a part of the gaming floor in Melbourne, Aus.

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Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. Gamblers of Reddit, what is the most you have won or lost from one bet? In blackjack, the shoe what those 8 decks are called collectively is not reshuffled constantly.

It's shuffled, cut by a player at the table, then dealt out until about one deck remains. A lot of casinos now use automatic shufflers now, where as soon as the hand redfit ended, they insert it back into the shuffler before dealing the next. The only counting is then specific only to that hand, so you cannot adjust your bet based on the count, ruins counting completely. Which is funny because the auto shufflers actually decrease the house edge.

But allow more hands to be played an hour. Also a lot of Vegas casinos have tables where blackjack pays 6: Yeah it's not much at all but if your just a casual player, playing for entertainment I don't see a problem with them. The real thing that pisses me off is the 6: I don't see the fun in something what is pure luck like roulette or somthing!

I went to a casino 2 times the one tim i lost 50 bucks te next time i won You are allowed to play Blackjack, it's just if you get caught you'll be asked to leave. It isn't illegal, it's just you remove the house odds totally and then some. I find it to be extremely unlikely that you know anything about counting cards considering the fact that in reality the only way to actually make money off of that is massive amounts of capital because the actual advantage over the dealer is so little.

It is a kind of bet known as a parlay. Basically you bet the result of games a,b,c and d and get a larger payout than individual bets. You must get all bets correct and even a single incorrect wager makes it a losing ticket. But it was a hell of a time scratching all 50!

I was betting on horses, specifically a Pick-7 gamb,ing have free gambling coupons pick the winners of 7 consecutive races. It was at either Mohawk or Woodbine they race 6 months at one and 6 months at the other. I hit it a few times, but was only the lone winner once. Ahh, that makes sense why I didn't hear about it, I don't follow harness racing. That's really awesome though, shories I don't remember what the odds were but I was at Mohawk when I was underage for may 24 one year to watch the fireworks.

I remember another time when I was struggling who to pick in gsmbling one race, so I asked my then one-year-old daughter to point to a horse in the program I was going through the program at home, I wouldn't bring a child that age to the races. Naturally she picks the horse that's ML. Played slots at the Golden Nugget on some Wizard of Oz machine. It was odd, but fun. It syories a penny slot too, so they had it where you could gamble a cent per line, Ithink for a max of 30 lines.

I hit the bonus, and ended up turning 30 cents into roulette hawk method. I cashed out after that. Didn't wanna press my luck too much. I'm smart, I know that watching those kind of movies gives me anxiety so I don't watch them: Ups for this, I thought it was a really cool film, and the scene which is relevant to that specific post definitely gave me the tingles. Reminds me of the time I was bet that I couldnt hold my breath past 2 minutes by redddit really fat annoying girl in the 3rd grade.

So I outsmarted her by acting like I was holding my breath, but really just breathing reedit of my nose. Well her friend informed her how I was cheating, so I got scared, punched her in the stomach, and ran off like a little girl. She never messed with me again. We redditt to literally drive from San Jose, California to Reno, Nevada almost every weekend for 3 years. We never paid for a room, never paid for food, and even as an underage kid I had perks over most people.

His game of choice? I remember being at Harrah's, and coming downstairs from the Arcade to home gambling machines some more money. He would walk one direction putting a coin in each machine, and then turn around and hit the button on each one.

It's kind of a long story, and I wrote it up before in a giant thread that didn't produce much interest, but i'll give you the short version. Basically, in the late 90's early 's during the big Dotcom boom, tech companies all around the Silicon Valley would throw out electronics into their dumpsters. My Dad was known as a "dumpster diver". Someone who will look in dumpsters for specific electronics to resell.

He made almost k from one dumpster full of stuff, the company was Atari. He also made a quarter million from Reddut Research. He had this type of luck for almost 5 years, where he would go around reddit the day and night, look in some dumpsters, find some parts, and get paid k a week, easily. It was almost surreal, but if you ever meet deddit who are in this industry, and who were around at that time, they can tell you You can become a millionaire by looking in the fuckin trash.

So, with money going through his hands at an insane rate, he sort of developed a gambling problem. To him, he would just think to himself "fuck it, ill make 20 g's next week, no big deal". Now he is broke and has nothing to show for it, Gambling pretty much ruined his life. Went to Atlantic City for my 21st birthday. It was a good birthday. During the same time we were at this table, some guy comes up to me and asks me how to play.

Turns to european roulette game, thanks me, and walks away, emotionless. Casino war is probably the worst table game to play. I have pai how to be a fun game to play if you want alcohol because the amount of times you push is insane. I went to get her when I ran out of money and was watching her play.

She hit something and the machine just kept going automatically because she had hit some kind of 'free play'. No idea how or what happened, but she won. Splits and double downs, dealer had storiex 6 showing so I kept splitting my 8's. Dealer than hit a five card Gamblnig i was rerdit, around 7 years old i was on one of these big Cruiseferrys with my family. Me and my brother had gotten a few Euros to spend from our parents so we went directly to the arcade room which had gambling machines aswell.

I had no idea what i was doing, the only thing that had my attention were the Flashy buttons that blinked when you pressed on them! But at one point in the game i think i got 3 spades which i looked down to the right of the button panel and saw that i had won 10 euros! But i didn't know what button i should push on to cash strategies to prevent gambling the price since i couldn't read in English at that time.

So i pressed a button and the machine. And i start crying and ran to my mom and dad deposit 10 get 25 free bingo they couldn't understand what i was talking about. The one and only time I ever bet something on a horse race, I was probably twelve years old.

My parents gave me a dollar, so I bet on a certain horse to take third place. After the track took their betting fee, I walked home with seventy cents. I won the Toys-for-tots poker tournament this roulette selection wheel year.

Got drunk during the fights, got hammered on Bourbon St. Woke up in sotries Double Tree Hotel with dollars in my pocket and started the night with only A friend who didn't drink won over 1, Apparently I have really good luck in 3 card poker. Couldn't score on any of those breakaways, Arjen Robben? My dad was playing a craps table sories time when this guy walked up and threw down 10k.

Then I bought a second scratch ticket and didn't win. And that was enough betting for me way too stressful, amiright? I gammoned him with the cube at

Not a casino worker but I do remember a story that I still think about to The poor dude had just lost his wife to his gambling addiction earlier. About gambling with money, not when you gambled on a fart (because we've all lost one before). My half-brother gambled away my mother's savings. She saved $30K and he lost it all.

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