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Roulette dealing keys gambling bathroom theme Alongside dealer jobs, you might find other areas in a casino which you might be suited to — examples of these being a cashier or working in the surveillance sealing.

View Share Prices at LiveCharts. I knew all the maxes by heart but I found the best way to pay was by postion. Example 17 to the full 40 piece bet. I read the 1st 20 or so posts on this matter, and that was more than enough. If we could do this and prove it, whay are'nt we all working in Vegas demanding our own wage? If you "think" you can section spin I have news for you I remember the Wheel Hazards are actually called 'Canoes' Wow what a thread, I used to work with Stretch at the Wild Coast We do get large volume gambling in roman times in Blackpool, every shift has its moments Practice makes a difference and we all see bets in a different way With a little practice, it is a one step calculation, and just add on the rest, it really is just that easy, just watch what happens in your particular club, and practice those sorts of bets.

Last edited by chensuriashi; 4th December at First of all, with regard to the order of adding up bets I would say either start with the hardest ones first since you'll have to work them out then add on the ones you just know. Or use your order of payout - furthest from wheel furthest from dealer - that way you'll know which ones you've done and don't risk missing or repeating any.

Now maximums, I don't believe you should ever take of the bet just to make your job easier, thats just lazy, and if you cant add up 8 corners 2 splits and 6 6-lines get a new job cause roulette dealing no dealer!! Easy way to work out maximums, and I have just been going through this with a dealer about 2 hours ago, 1 - 31 and 3 - This is provided you have chips the same value as your maximum, e. I hope your dealer has a great memory for all that rubbish.

My way is much,much easier not lazier. I used this method in a game where several players were playing max bets at the same time. Pay them out seperately and fully and no disputes about chips left on the layout. Then again I doubt you run into that problem in England these days so your hypothetical payout system works fine on your hypothetical bets! I also think your "speling"is fantastic. Hi, Maybe I am kind a late to join this discussion but you can work out bets on RL with this or that.

Obviously it is good to know several different ways to work it out but nobody should be trained with this complicated way. The moment you memorized 35 times up to 20 it is over. There is a colleague who posted Picture bet diagrams and Ian published it. In my opinion it is such a big mistake. I love to you use picture bets but not 52 or 69 or If we teach dealers with these handouts they memorize the shapes or look for similar designs.

If there are 20 splits on 03 another 8 splits on 01 and 7 straight up on 0, my dealer should tell me it is 7 times and pay I believe in picture bet in this case, but providing handouts is the start of a big saga. Hi Libra, I hope that u didn't really mean to point out that providing handout like picture bets is such a big mistake. It is a very important and helpful tool for RL trainees.

Perhaps u may suggest to the RL trainer to highlight to the trainees the possible blunders of relying heavily on picture bets instead of not giving picture bet handouts to the trainees. Hi, The moment you memorized 35 times up to 20 it is over. I found interesting this topic since Winmoney onlineroulette is one of my favorite game and I can proudly say that I can compute any betbeing a ex - European dealer in a Turkish casino long time ago in less than a minute after the bet was cut and heel.

To do that there are few steps to follow: For 35 it is even easier: Again if you want speed just memorize it, half an hour a day for a week using flash roulette analyser mac is almost nothing. This is for any secrets to roulette people For 5,8 and 11 I hope that there is no need for further explanation.

This technique is only good if your bet is "two levels high" otherwise will confuse you more than help you. Use the calculation formula for same number of splits and internet gambling blocker. So in this case that will look like: This means that also the 25 table of multiplication should be mastered.

Another golden rule that I used to follow is less operation less mistakes. Now let me try to put in words how this would work in a real environment: I manufactured this bet however will serve in proving my point and this is just to prevent any mean comments. Imagine that you have this kind of bet: Tried to post the actual bet however is not possible: I always start by calculating first the double line: Second I will count during cutting how many corners and how many splits: Then I realize that I will need another 8 splits to have a nice number 42 c and 42 split.

From here there is only a little bit of work to do and the bet is finished: I told you the complicated part is to count and remember how many splits and corners you have on your bet. The secret is to leave the 1k behind and work only with the I always use the double line to compensate and I use it either as splits or straight-ups or anything I need to make roulette dealing keys life easy.

Somebody will say what if no double line. Make a bet that you think it is difficult and I will give you a simple solution that anybody that knows the first steps very good should be able to make it less than 1 minute. Complete progressive for single numbers is a walk in roulette dealing keys park both with buttons or leaving the bet on the layout!

Try to do dozen, splitsstreets also by different values! Anyway that era is long time gone, not anymore that kind of games!!! I just want to stir the waters: Any of your dealers can if given 35 chips pick up at any time 20 without counting? How about picking exactly a deck of cards from 8 decks? This even I can do it 4 out of 10 tries and didn't practiced too much. How about perfect shuffle? People than can throw almost every time and hit the center.

Of course they miss sometimes but I think everybody here knows that on Roulette even if I get it right 1 out of 10 I will still have huge advantage. If yes why do you dismiss so easily the section spinning just because YOU can not do it?

Have a look at this link and I hope that all of you that dismiss so easily section spinning will have some thinking next time you will do that. It is called muscle memory. However if somebody is willing to put countless hours in practicing on a specific type of wheel I think that he can control how many rotation the ball will make since this is the true variable on a roulette since the rotor will not change the speed too much on a spin.

Even this I think that can be achieved with practice. The other question is if anybody is crazy enough to do this. To stir the waters even more here is another topic for you Ian, maybe to create another thread. Tracking cards in a shuffle machine: CasinoSurv, I presume from your name that you're mainly locked in the Surveillance room.

Here's what's required to section spin. If an average spin on newer roulette wheels is 20 to 25 rotations then the ball travels around 50 meters. So the Croupier needs to do the equivalent of flicking a marble down a shiny office or hospital corridor for 50 meters and get it to stop within a Meter or so of a given point. That's just the spin. Then there's the wheel direction being alternated, different speed of the wheel, the ball hitting deflectors and obstacles etc I've said this before.

I've been running Gaming floor now for almost 10 years and I'm not aware of anyone who's done it neither did I in my 20 odd years spent on the floor. So you'll just have to keep dreaming Surv, Because that's all section spinning is - a dream. Croup's can make additional money from Roulette though - just volunteer for overtime.

Find all posts by ian. When you have a large number of straight up and split bets - do this: Lets say you have 28 straight-ups and 28 splits - payout suppose to be Note that first 2 digits of - 14 - that's half of 28, the last two digits are double the 28 - Multiply the number of straight ups by 7, add 0 and then subtract the number of straight ups.

Find all posts by Aureliano. So you now have the ridiculous situation, for example,where even 1 straight up and 1 corner are paid individually. Such a procedure though will end up costing and not saving money. It's common practice in many U. The reason is simply that less math is involved and therefore the payment is more likely to be correct. Maybe it's a sign of the times - casinos in many areas just can't get and hold on to quality dealers i.

Roulette has fascinated people for centuries. Watching the ball bounce around the wheel searching for a place. Here, we take a look at all of the key skills you'll need to become a roulette dealer and some of the extra benefits you might enjoy by doing this. Specifically designed for dealers learning to deal roulette and seasoned dealers All RED buttons. European Roulette (Single Zero Layout) - All BLUE buttons.

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