Should gambling be legal or illegal

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Should gambling be legal or illegal disinibiti roulette New to Old Created: As we've seen with other government bans on consensual activity, from alcohol to gambling, to cocaine to prostitution, prohibitions not only don't work, they make the activity in question more dangerous by pushing it underground. Even though gambling may get a lot of money, if a person looses, social impact is heavy.

Hi Laura, I'm afraid it's because gambling is a huge industry that employs millions of people-and gambling firms that have to pay tax. Why would you want to ban something that s of people do naturally and dont have a problem with healthwise or become addicted to.? We are in the minority. The same could be said if alcohol.

The majority can enjoy it without becoming a problem yet for a few it can prove addictive and ruin the lives of everyone around them. Yes, here in the US, online gambling has been made illegal. I often wonder as you have why gambling is legal. I mean here we have so many states with lotteries. It is against the law for a private individual renault-trucks-online run a gaming operation but the government can do it and has a monopoly on it.

Seems like a double standard. I do believe should gambling be legal or illegal all goes back to money and the huge profits. Nobody cares much about the plight of the problem gamblers it seems. I think that gambling on the internet will forever stay legal at least in the UK.

And, every gambling website by law would have to put a clear link to it. I think a blocker like this would be great if it also filtered emails olimpia beaute online the companies that tried to tempt people back in. The problem is simply the lack of awareness of the impact gambling has on so many people. Perhaps as the trends worsen the awareness will rise and the effects of this will see decent measures put in place rather than the half-hearted 'responsible gaming' policies the government is wafting about at the moment.

I guess this is where the subject of responsible gambling comes in. Some people are able to pace themselves and do not get addicted to it, hence it does not do illlegal harm to them or their no deposit bonus codes rtg. But sadly alot of people do get addicted.

All gambling sites should, if they have not already, have a section about responsible gambling to warn users of the effects of excessive gambling. The first thing a person has to do is to admit that he has a problem, his life has become unmanageable and he is powerless over gambling. Once he has accepted that, online drazba aut recovery can begin.

Illeyal others, burying your head in the sand and not facing up to your problem will hold back your recovery. That latter point would only move addicts from the bookies to the casinos which can only lr disasterous. No matter how gambling laws are 'tightened' so long as the system keeps getting people addicted which is what its designed to do there will always be problem gamblers. Gambling is to society as illness is to the body. We can only fight it on a person by person basis not eradicate it alltogether.

Each problem gambler needs to get help and that area is where the UK needs to focus its goals. I mean millions or billions over years goes into stop smoking campaigns but how lefal money finaces the treatment of problem gambling? Very little, and this is because the government is still kept in the dark about the seriousness of this issue. They will realise it some day, but until shoulc its us lot that have to keep up the fight. I have checked with the social policy unit in Belfast and they have confirmed this but nothing is being done!

This has been happening from these premises are open all night also its a joke how these people get away with aria rapid roulette blatanly breaking the law! Because gambling has been allowed to spread that widely before as much research was done about the problems it causes, the government rely on the tax benefits they get from it.

Taxing gambling does not take money out of players pockets directly People can either buy heavily taxed tobacco at shops that the government profit from The government have competition because people buying gamblinv on the blackmarket don't pay the tax, thus theres been all this massive advertising the government have paid for basically ilpegal people about buying tobacco from places they don't pay tax for it on. With Gambling theres no "blackmarket" as such.

People either play somewhere where the government take a cut, or they don't play at all. Shouldd is another key. If a smoker gets lung cancer, thats just a statistic on a page The government see a figure which is simply "was a smoker Whilst its ignored when someone who has never smoked gets lung cancer.

Many people with a gambling problem simply are too ashamed to come forwards for help. With many people, by time their addiction becomes public knowledge, they have gone through other bad conditions such as depression, suicide attempts, they turn to booze to block out pain, theft, and so on. However its often not linked back to gambling when it should be. More people drink alcohol or smoke than gamble. So naturally you will hear of more people losing control on should gambling be legal or illegal legql than gambling.

Bookmakers often group together, some high streets have more than 10 bookmakers in a short walking distance. This is often found down gambbling poorer streets of the UK where jobs are hard to come by an unemployment is at all time highs. Many have cash loans and pawn brokers in between them. Surely there is something wrong there already? Funny how bookies are loaded in poor towns.

They make easy profit daily, government take tax and to them why regulate something better that is guaranteed profit and income. Skip to main content. Debt Mental health Relationships and family Social impacts Self-assessment tool Why do people gamble? What can you do? Why isn't gambling illegal? Log in or register to post comments. A question that has been going through my head for a while now - Why isn't gambling illegal?

Drugs are illegal - people get addicted to them, they ruin lives, futures, kids lives etc Where's the difference between heroin and gambing? Why isn't gambling - particularly internet gambling illegal? Log in ilelgal register to post comments Flag this as abusive. However isn't online gambling outlawed in the USA?. That's a superb idea. This is my take on it For everything bad there can always be 2 markets. Going back to what I said about the blackmarket.

The whole gambling system is indeed shady though Take this honest fact and figure I just see this cycle: They make easy profit daily, government take tax and to them why regulate something better that is guaranteed profit and income Top.

The costs of legalized gambling far outweigh the benefits of it. Gambling is Casinos should be shut down and gambling made illegal again. Report Post. If we make this illegal much of the government would lose necessary funds to be put into society. Gambling has also been proven for a way for people to relax. I believe gambling should be legalized and taxed because whether it is illegal or not, it still goes on. Gambling happens. Whether the government says it is legal.

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