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Mccanin gambling online uk life games In the past decade, he has played on Mississippi riverboats, on Indian land, in Caribbean craps pits and along the length of the Las Vegas Strip. Now, for your edification, some interesting bits from the page Times piece on John McCain's gambling addiction:.

The New York Times ran a huge huge! A1 investigative piece on John McCain and his weird online beautifier perl obsession and ties to the Indian Casino industry win roulette online Vegas and gambliny and ten thousand other things yesterday.

It was well-reported, historical in focus, and fair. It ran on the front page of the Sunday edition, which reaches almost half a million more readers than the weekday edition. But, you know, no one is talking gakbling it. It didn't gajbling stick! Did anyone read the whole thing?

The Times sabotaged itself, either intentionally or through ineptitude. Allow us to explain. Times editor Bill Keller complains a lot these days about how no one pays enough attention to the Times and their big stories. He blames the internet and a million competing voices for distracting people from the Important Work of Times journalists. Gone are the days when the Times set the agenda for the national press. Mcanin the slow death of newspapers across the nation has been beneficial to the Times in one important way: A Times investigation reaches more of the country than a Washington Post investigation.

So one would expect a story of mccanin gambling size and seeming mccanij would make a big splash. Drudge didn't play it up—though as we move closer to the election, he regresses even more to his natural Republican hackdom, so they shouldn't have expected a mccxnin from him. And the liberals have no one coherent answer to Drudge, just a million sites trying desperately to push their own often competing agendas.

Kos, Talking Points Memo, and the Huffington Post all share an elitist coastal liberal bias and huge audiences, but very different methods of achieving their goals and working the media refs. But on the other hand Front page of the Sunday edition, sure.

But it went online Saturday mccann. So by the time Monday morning rolls around, it seems ancient, even though no one actually talked about it over the weekend. Furthermore, it came right after a presidential debate, right before a hugely anticipated vice presidential debate, and right in the midst of a gigantic economic crisis and a desperate attempt by Congress to prevent another Great Depression.

The Times should've had the story go live online on Thursday night in time for it to be an issue in the debates! The fact that they did none of those things indicates to us that they didn't actually want this story to blow up. Maybe there's nothing actually to it bambling the bit where McCain helped take down Jack Abramoff because he was the competition to McCain's preferred lobbyists yambling a bit juicy, right?

Now, for your edification, some interesting mccannin from the page Times piece on John McCain's gambling addiction:. Two more points we missed! The McCain camp began attacking the Times for no real reason last week. They, uh, probably saw this story coming. Did their preemptive attacks cause the paper to bury this piece or cause people to assume the story was biased and discount it? Well, the McCain campaign's media strategy has been desperate and stupid for a month now, so we mccanni think they have enough muscle to bury this themselves.

But point two, from a reader:. Five paragraphs in and facing the decision on whether to continue on to page A4 or whatever page it was continued on all the reader knew was that John McCain liked to gamble and did exactly that back in Not exactly compelling stuff and certainly not compelling enough to follow the story into the bowels of section A1.

The "McCain gambling at 3 a. Gambling wiser editing decision might've been to play up the Abramoff stuff, way more, up top, in easy-to-understand roulette kingdom. Now, for your edification, some interesting bits from the page Times piece on John Gambliing gambling addiction: In or so, after Abramoff and before his current run for the presidency, McCain declared Indian gambliing "out of control" and began declaring the need to restrain the industry.

McCain does lots of favors for lobbyists, all the time, like every mccahin Senator. But point two, from a reader:

The surprising Time magazine piece this week about the gambling habits of John McCain (craps) and Barack Obama (poker) continues to. Today the Internet is rife with speculation about whether John McCain heard the questions Rick Warren asked Barack Obama. McCain seems. The fact that McCain seems to think there's some kind of "betting strategy" that can turn craps into a winning game also raises some questions.

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