Roulette software and tracking

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Roulette software and tracking online roulette with live wheel The home of Roulette Database Solutions by Stakemaster. Roulette Number avoids this by fully automatically calculating the betting amount that is needed for every spin in order to maintain the system and prevent losses.

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IHG - Izak's Holy Grail the system that has generated units profit on a yearly basis for 12 years. Wave System for Even Bets. Cluster System for All Even Bets. Ultimate System for All Even Bets. F4 for All Even Bets. IBS2 for Even Bets - the system with the best softdare rate. Ideal System for All Even Bets. Repeating Numbers Version 2. Awakening Numbers Roulette System.

Hot List Roulette System. Equalizer No Tension Roulette. No Tension Roulette roulerte Chinese. Profit by the Hour Roulette. Dragon Betting Baccarat System - wins forever. BB - Banker Baccarat System. Newsletter Click above to read the current edition of our weekly newsletter. Then get your own free subscription right here. Below is a selection of the most recommended on-line casinos and sportsbooks. On-Line Casino of the Month. A software designed to track the probability of number of occurrences on the Roulette wheel to help you make better betting decisions and win more softwaee.

Roulette Professional was designed to track the roulette software and tracking of number occurrences on the Roulette wheel. By tracking the number of times numbers have and haven't come up and tracking the occurrences roulette source patterns on the wheel, you can make better betting decisions and win more often.

Betting on Roulette can be compared to betting on the flip of a coin. Would you bet on heads or tails? I'm sure you would be more inclined to bet on one or the other if it hadn't come up 5 or more times in a row. This same principle applies to Roulette Professional.

The advantage of Roulette Professional is it isn't a system, it's a system designer. As numbers come up on the Roulette Wheel, you click on the appropriate number on the Roulette Board in the Roulette Professional Program. The program takes the number entered and analyzes the properties of the number red, black, even, odd, column placement, etc.

It then adds this spin's information to the information collected from previous spins and begins to detect patterns on the wheel. I'm sure many of you have used this technique before. When gambling in a casino, the table has an electronic board that will display the last 15 or so numbers, and their color. People use this board to see what has and hasn't come up on the wheel to try to guess what will come up next.

Roulette Professional will automatically track all of this information for you, and more. You can use this information to design your own unique betting system based off this tracking mechanism. With Roulette Professional you are in control of what the system bets.

There are 3 levels of betting options you may choose. Allows you to specify what you want to bet on columns, dozens, evens, odds, Black, Red, etc When any of these items haven't come up in a specified number of spins. Softwware can setup a betting strategy to chase each of these items as the numbers rouletre.

Custom Settings will allow unlimited flexibility. You can define a betting system that will track individual numbers, or all numbers at once. Also the columns, dozens, evens, odds, Black, Red, etc In this setting mode you could tell the system something like: The best feature of Roulette Professional is it allows you to Automatically simulate a Roulette table at the rate of hundreds of spins per minute, allowing you to test the system you've setup very quickly.

You can even use your own set of numbers trackng this testing. Find out if your system works, if not, make a few changes, and test it again. You can save each betting system in it's own file to make it easier to try out many different systems. Putting it ttracking to Win The Bet!

Once you have developed a Roulette system that fits your style of playing, you can goto an online casino, and have Roulette Professional on the same screen. When a number come up on the table in the casino, just click on that number in Roulette Pro, and the system will analyze the results by applying your custom betting system, and Suggest to you the bets you should make next.

We hope you will enjoy using this system as you play roulette online. What others have said: It has helped my Roulette playing so much, Roklette don't know how I ever played Roulette without it! Thank you so much for such a simple, yet effective product. I recently downloaded it, roulette software and tracking find it so easy to use, but the information it gives is invaluable.

I have now created about 5 different systems that I use regularly, I wish you could put you software on a Palm Pilot, and I could take it to Vegas. Click here to purchase the Roulette pro online restraunt. Poker Guide - The world's largest poker guide PokerListings. Texas Holdem - Page that compares 45 Texas Holdem online poker rooms on a number of relevant features.

Below is a selection of the most recommended on-line casinos and sportsbooks Check out:

Beat the casinos with Routrack Roulette Tracking Software. If you understand the game of roulette and how to use Routrack, you can beat the online casinos. Very easy software to use to help keep track of each spin and tell you when 12 different groupings of numbers have not come up. Find out which groups of. Demonstration of our Roulette Tracker Tool available at

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