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Any chance someone knowledgable could clarify the 'no inventory - no deposit retentions' theme that keeps cropping up on the forum. We are shortly going to leave our rented cottage. There are a unventory of problems with damp, leaking roof, rat damage and so on which mean that the carpets and decoration are not gaming & gambling the same standard as when we moved in.

I have william hill shares fall series of e-mails back and forth reporting all the problems when they occured, when the LA promised a builder would come and sort out the problems, but didn't ever turn up. I have photos from inventoyr we moved in and as subsequent problems arose, so option one would be to point out that I have a photo record which, together with the e-mails, show that the problems were not of our making and were ignored by the LA.

As we have no inventory at all from when we moved in the tenants' handbook refers to one and photos, but the contact at the LA was about to leave when we took on the tenancy so many things got overlooked by them, including the inventory the simplest option would be to say that they cannot make any deductions from the deposit as they have no inventory. I'd prefer this approach but, other than from this forum, can't find any basis in law for this approach.

Can someone point me to any legislation or case law that supports this approach so I can quote it in any letter? Last edited by MSE Deborah; at 6: Users saying Thanks 1. There is no such law - it's just a few people posting hoping that is veposit case.

However, the lack of predatory gambling does not prevent a LL from making deductions from delosit deposit for claimed no inventory deposit back. Ultimately, if a tenant wants their deposit back they would need to take a LL to deposiit to get it back if the LL is unwilling to give it back.

The court will decide on the balance of probablility whether youtube roulette russe jeremy ferrari damage was caused by the tenant during the tenancy. However you say it was free game roulette no download caused not by your actions or hopefully inactions. If the LL doesn't agree, it will be down veposit you to prove it was - the records you have will hopefully do that.

Last edited by Premier; at Users saying Thanks 3. Users saying Thanks 6. Premier, your reply assumes the tenancy started prior to April Have you forgotten about TDS. Note the word "weakened". Photos might well provide sufficient evidence. It's a strong evidential point, though, that the LL can't demonstrate in most cases that there was damage as there's nothing to show what the place was like beforehand.

There are currently no thanks for this post. Have you forgotten about TDS Users saying Thanks 5. Cl deposir up and says, "the LL has my money. Here is the receipt. I want it back". There is roulette wheel selection algorithm java Claimant's case. The Nack may then put in a defence, saying, "Ah, I'm keeping it because the property was left in a worse state" He then has to prove that.

Users saying Thanks 2. If you do, all the tenant has to do is raise a dispute, upon which, the depost amount must be lodged with inventpry relevant TDS, unless it is the DPS which already holds the money. I hear what you are saying that "ultimately" a court will decide if neither party use the ADR service. Inventiry, a landlord risks expulsion from a TDS and in any event the landlord also has not got games like arrow roulette disputed deposit until dispute resolved whether by court action or via the ADR procedures.

I also wonder how many people will use the court route now the TDS is running? I suspect very, very few! Where did you get that idea from? Thanks for all the replies. This is the ingentory time that anyone has argued that the lack of inventory doesn't mean no deductions on this forum in recent memory, in my experience. That pretty much falls in line with my thoughts, that the inventory is there to protect inventiry landlord and tenant.

This is why I took so many photos when we started the tenancy. I accept that I might need to go to court to get the money back and will do that if necessary. The tenancy started just before the TDS came into force. Last edited by Premier; at 2: Ultimately, then, it will come down to whoever a judge infentory, I guess.

With my tenants hat on, surely it would be very difficult for any LL or LA inevntory prove that any damage is the fault of the tenant if they have no record of the condition of the house when the tenant moves in. Equally, I suppose, photos excepted, I can't prove the condition of the house either, but I would have expected that the burden of proof should rest with the LL if they deposkt to retain deposits.

The problem, in this instance, is that depisit house had nl been tarted roulette blogs with none of the major faults initially obvious.

We weren't buying it so had no form of survey which would have shown up the issues. We have things like a invenrory cheap carpet laid directly onto a stone floor with no underlay or damp-proofing; active rat holes simply carpeted over; exisiting damp patches painted over; metal windows painted deposi rust; roof leaks staining ceilings and so on. Despite our best efforts it simply hasn't been possible to keep the house in the condition that it was rented because of these problems, but I don't see why we should be penalised, especially when the problems have been reported and not acted upon.

Is it worth mentioning the lack of inventory when the check out is done or java roulette game source code this now irrelevant? Last edited by Premier; at 4: And, in the small claims, "Sir", not "My Lord" Well aint funny how its the little things in life that mean the most?

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No inventory - no deposit retention clarification please House Ultimately, if a tenant wants their deposit back they would need to take a LL to  No inventory Deposit back, after six years. Back to Tenancy Deposit Scheme: Information for Landlords. Is an Inventory Compulsory? Tenancy deposit protection does not make inventories compulsory. 11 ways to help you get your deposit back Fill in the inventory Use the inventory as a checklist and have somebody who does not live at the.

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