Casino History

Some History Way back when, before 1960, casinos were illegal in the UK and there were loads of them. The 1960 Gaming Act made them kosher to try and drive out the crooks. That didn’t do it and so the 1968 Act brought real tough rules in about who could have one of these lucrative money spinners. Eleven hundred smokey dives turned into 150 businesses owned by large-ish companies in the space of a couple of years. Now all but a handful of the 146 (UKGC quote includes poker clubs) left are owned by very big companies. The last remaining independent from 1968 is Les Croupiers in Cardiff who have always done things a little different. Continue reading “Casino History”

Your Complete Online Gambling Glossary

The world of online gambling really does have its own language. Some of the following terms you’ll be familiar with, but others may be completely new to you. It’s important to learn these terms, as it will help you navigate online gambling sites and give you the best chance of having a great all-round experience. Continue reading “Your Complete Online Gambling Glossary”