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Turnaus online game gambling illegal u s Did rurnaus liked the game? Game Description Turnaus is a medieval knight sword fighting game. To do this, you must smash down the door of your opponent's castle by using the knight's flying body weight as a battering ram.

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Getting into his castle is a bit harder than you might think, though. You will have to use your foe as a battering ram by hitting him with your sword, smacking him against his own castle door until it breaks. Smashing his door allows you to enter the medieval castle of your opponent knight. This must be done three-times to win the Lottery gambling revenues, medieval game online.

Turnaus is an multiplayer online game, you can even play with your real friend so the game can be a bigger challenge then. Use these controls to play the game: Press Spacebar to attack the enemy knight… [Player 2] Press your Arrow Keys for movement of your medieval knight. Press Del to attack the enemy. ArcadeSET is the right place game onlinw are extremely bored and looking for some quick source of fun, or even if you just want to discuss something in the chatbox.

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Your objective is to get into your opponent's castle by hitting him with your sword and smashing his door. Turnaus Online Game - Play Turnaus For Free - Free Online Games - Free sword and smashing his More Free Games Turnaus is a top free game on the web. GAME DESCRIPTION. The objective is to capture your opponent's flag from his castle. Smack your opponent against the door to crack the door and capture his.

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