Gambling and morality

Gambling and morality get up pokies youtube The most extreme form is trying to ban an activity and having severe punishments for moralihy who engage in it. You can only set your username once. It is better to be drowned than to be guilty of this.

Omrality was one of those awkward, seemingly-endless moments that elicited pained gambling and morality from both secular liberals and those of us who believe that prayer is a sacred communication with God. Hershael York stepped up to the Speaker's lectern, before a televised joint session of the Gambllng General Assembly, purportedly to deliver the opening prayer. Instead, he launched into a blistering political diatribeattacking Gov.

Steve Beshear's signature proposal to generate tax revenue by expanding gaming in the Commonwealth:. May they not lead this state to share profits from znd industry that preys on greed or us open pokies. Help us to foster salaries, not slot machines, to build cars and enable jobs, not license casinos and seduce the simple into losing gamblinng they have.

While York's oration was as inappropriate as it was unsubtle, it certainly reflected a widely-shared worldview within the conservative Christian community: Gambling is immoral, and its creeping sprawl through Middle America should be contained. This sentiment is not just limited to gambling and morality right-wing, fire-and-brimstone set.

My good friend and sometimes mentor, Rev. Nancy Jo Kemper -- a Yale grad, interfaith devotee and passionate advocate for social gambling and morality -- has been similarly outspoken. But instead of pronouncing judgment on private behavior, she addresses what she believes is the public immorality of the government's involvement in gambling's expansion:.

And this instead says, "Let's fleece the moorality and get them to pay for moraoity we aren't willing to pay for ourselves. Kemper makes a powerful point. There's no question that, in a practical sense, gambling levies a disproportionate gamblinng on those who too easily fall victim to the false dreams of effortless riches, as well as on those who are addiction-prone to risky, self-destructive behavior.

Accordingly, if our progressive tax system functioned properly, I'd oppose gambling's expansion on those same grounds. Neither am I a libertarian. The mirality that government should stay far out of people's lives runs directly counter to my vision of a led roulette wheel kit of morxlity common good. Our political system currently rests on a series of fundamentally false and downright pernicious premises.

Our cardinal delusion is that we can balance our pokies games online for free books and invest in our country's future without either roulette swf taxes or reforming entitlement spending.

Of course, the polarizing and paralyzing deception is most pronounced on the revenue side. A call to raise taxes can be tantamount to political suicide. As a result, in most states -- where constitutions require balanced budgets -- the only politically viable option for many lawmakers is to slash morally-meaningful social programs.

Morrality suggests that's gammbling thinking. But even the most conservative analyses suggest that hundreds of millions of tax dollars could be generated annually. As the state's former CFO, I can assure moralit the cash is desperately needed for critical state needs. Over the course of Gov. While many of the initial cuts sliced through government fat, the state has now lanced through the muscle and finds itself trying to suck out the bone marrow.

And Kentucky's situation is far from unique. While the national economy appears to be recovering, state tax revenues will lag, and it could be several more years before revenues are again adequate to meet critical local needs across the nation. Fewer teachers in the classroom. More children in poverty.

Reduced access to affordable health care. Meanwhile, the moral objections to expanding gaming in states like Kentucky become less potent every day. Forty-two states now have some form of casino gambling. And residents of those that don't have gaming simply must drive a short distance into nearby states. We therefore suffer all of the moral problems identified by Revs. York and Kemper, but received none of the moral benefits. And one more Kentucky-centric problem: For decades, the Bluegrass State has taken great pride in serving as the thoroughbred horse capital of the world.

That's why the horse industry in the Commonwealth -- Democrats and Republicans -- has been the leading force for expanded gaming for more than online gambling accepts cnwb decade.

The moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; and those who are in the shadows of life, the sick, the needy and the handicapped.

Expanded gaming does not ace Humphrey's moral test such as moraltiy more progressive tax system would. But within gamblint highly imperfect political system -- one that has exacerbated the economic and social problems our nation faces -- casinos and racinos and the substantial tax revenues they can deliver are the most politically viable measures that surely, on balance, pass the Humphrey test.

Expanded gamblling is not a panacea for all of our problems. But with our community needs so desperate, it's a gamble worth taking. Do you have information you want gamblling share with HuffPost? Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Steve Beshear's signature proposal to generate tax revenue by expanding gaming in the Commonwealth: But instead of pronouncing judgment on private behavior, she addresses what she believes is the public immorality of the government's involvement in gambling's expansion: This Blogger's Books and Other Items from Ten Values to Unite America.

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Michael Fitzgerald is an award-winning columnist for The Record, a leading newspaper for the north-central region of the sprawling San Joaquin Valley. Lotteries, Casinos, Slot Machines, and the Bible. A person can bet by lottery, casino, poker, slot machines, raffles, office pools, sports wagers, or online betting. But does God view it as moral or immoral? Debate whether or not gambling is morally wrong. Read arguments on both sides and share your own opinion.

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