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Greysonline au online pokies nz Nationwide charges Grays add another Waited 25th Aug told it was fixed and would be sent to me

We noticed that you're using an outdated browser, the ProductReview website may not display properly. We recommend upgrading your browser to Google Chrome for best possible experience on our website. Was this review helpful? Steve asked on Aug 01, I would think so, but you're better asking Grays themselves. Although their answer may be to collect the highest value in fees! Kamal asked on Jul 27, Wendy replied on Jul 28, Kamal replied on Jul 29, Bob asked on Mar 12, You'll have to call Graysonline customer service and tell them your situation.

They'll tell you whether you can or not based on their policy. Whatever they say, take them seriously because they are strict. S replied on Mar 13, Save your money Bob, go and find where Arthur Daly is selling cars from, far better than buying from Graysonline. Rex replied on Jul 06, Your browser is no longer supported.

Write a review Ask a question. Your trust greeysonline our top filetype php roulette. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from Qu. Write a review on ProductReview. Purchased a laptop from graysonline ebay it had 12months warranty Acer informed me it had no warranty Grays asked for return information which they already had!

Took weeks to return it early August. Waited 25th Aug told it was fixed and would be sent to me Waited and waited early September rang again told its coming waited waited finally came Nearly 2 months and not fixed Now grays have blocked me from messaging them on ebay Point being beware of grays-online ebay- stall tactics, lack of communication, never again. Verified Customer There needs to be a zero or greyson,ine review in this system as these criminals are still operating!!

This mob have to be stopped!!! Verified Customer Dodgy Company to deal with. Bought a car that had treysonline description. Upon picking up noticed it had few missed features from the ad. When contacted I was told I should have checked before I bid online. Was under assumption you cannot exclude consumer rights if the description does not match the item. Finally ended up giving the car back and lose money as It was sold cheaper to what I paid.

Beware buying from these guys!!! I purchased a Galaxy Note 3 from these dealers, that did not fit the description in the listing. It was listed in their highest ranked condition, outside of new in box. Everything working good as new, and that it was a newly refurbished phone. It did not come with a cable or charger. The device had a three month warrantee, wherein block gambling i site gauranteed a refund for the item not meeting description.

As the battery wash notinclude n the warranty, I ordered one along with a Samsung branded cable and wall charger. Ordering the new battery came at this point, as I thought it ought to have held longer charge than the 30 mins or so I got out of it.

The phone refused to charge at all once the new cable and wall plug arrived. I was not happy, but kept positive about the phone until the new battery was in and I had left the device to charge for a few hours. I virtual visa online gambling plugging the gerysonline into my desktop, Hreysonline used my Mercury AV wall charger, and the moment I connected the phone to the cable, it set the light on the plug off.

I contacted the Auction site, who held off responding greysonline me until it was greysonpine 3 months. Despite me clearly informing them of the default, and that I wanted a refund. Their response was a generic 'we are sorry that you are greyysonline happy As for the phone. It was not possible that they had refurbished the handset. Because if they had, they would have cleaned out the deposits that had been caused by the phone submerging in water.

They were found in a speaker, and the surrounding area including the non working water damaged charge port. Once gambling blocker free phone was taken apart free roulette systems software inspection, it was obvious that they had not even attempted to clean up the damage internally, grrysonline about replacing the part.

And used the device, still hoping they would respond, as by this time, I'd forked out for totally useless cable and charger, that I can't use on any other device, due to them being usb 3. The worst experience of my life. I through good money after bad, only to toss the thing in a draw, because I was to discover later that it was in developer mode and some pervert had been accessing my reverse camera.

I have a screenshot of the mongrel, as it was captured by my GP, whilst we were communicating on microsoft excel roulette to send pics of my sons X-rays. You just have to know what you're getting I've bought a lot of stuff over the years with Grays But I think the usual auction rules greysonlinw apply: And sure sometimes a lot description is missing some information that in hindsight was verging on being a bit deceptive, but it's not in their interest to walk that line if it's going to become obvious that they should've known better!

Although I admit it would be good if there was more opportunity for public feedback on their own site. Reading through the bad reviews herein, it seems quite a few but certainly not all of them come from homework not being done, or simple naivety.

Copy and paste the model number into this site and you'll learn a lot. And seriously, who buys a car without inspecting it?! At last, Some help. After a hotly contested dispute over the condition of a motor vehicle purchased in Victoria it was most pleasant to be assisted by a Ms Donna Dodd who offered her help, which enabled me to finalise my dealings in a very amiable fashion.

JSA Certificate of Authenticity doesn't match item. Certificate doesn't match greysknline grays said that it is an issue with Live online inaugural ball. However, JSA don't agree. Checking sold item, the number is still the same and the JSA site is still saying that it is a different item to the one sold.

Buyer beware - they were decade roulette prepared to do anything about getting it corrected. I was lucky that someone else bid against me, so I let it go. Please do not buy a vehicle from them!! We purchased a Holden Captiva online, only to be told the following day, it had a huge oil leak that would cost thousands to replace. Invoice was cancelled by graysonline. The next week we purchased a Mazda Cx7 from them.

Upon pick up, engine light was on, oil leak and blowing black smoke and found out it was a turbo. Engine light, oil leak, blowing smoke and turbo were not listed in the vehicle description! Greysolnine descriptions are not at all accurate. Not worth the bargain you think you're greysonlinee. Exceedingly expensive for products and then gets worse with a greedy commission. Why would you bother, their are better places to buy online. Online live roulette system TV - Check before you leave.

I recently purchased a 70inch TV. The description said it had one broken pixel. As you can see from the photo it has a little more than one broken pixel. Now, when we picked it up the lady made us sign a piece of paper and said it was to say we picked it up. Upon contacting Grays I have since been told it was to say we inspected the tv there and everything was OK. Give the TV was boxed as new with ties around it, I'm not sure where I would have done this.

I was not told or offered this. When I got home and unpacked the TV it clearly had a broken screen at the top. They claim I broke it. I am not sure when this could have happened! The lady also mentioned to us that a number of TV's had been blown over due to wind.

GraysOnline is an Australian online retail and auction company, offering a huge range of consumer and industrial goods, direct from manufacturers. Buy GraysOnline Australia items on eBay. Find a huge selection of items and get what you want today AU $AU $(55% off). 15d 22h. See who you know at GraysOnline, leverage your professional network, and get;; Dymocks Books;; Manheim.

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