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World safest roulette system georgia legal gambling You lose 5 chips. Then, while the Topiary guys are going hammer rouldtte tongs shaping pawpawsauri with a chain saw, I'm at the casino kicking Mrs Random in the fanny!

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It is a leave it on to double, treated as one bet For the purpose of explaining this bet we will just use Red and Black. You follow the others in identical pattern as shown roulette the example below. Any number of same Reds or Blacks two or over in a row is the figure you must look for. You wait for a change of colour to occur, then bet the same as your run of two or more. In other words Not the change colour. You now have two units running to complete the double.

That is the basic bet. THE same BET……Stage two Because this bet is based on the most staple and safest of movements on a Roulette table, you now have to take advantage of rroulette fact. And this is wprld you do it. After any loss you increase your bet by one unit only. And you stop the increase at a win! You will lose a 28 unit mini-bank now and again. Your win ratio will always exceed any losses by a roulette double strategy margin.

Consistent playing will give you better Mean Average Returns. In Roulette odd things do happen from time to time, but they also work in your favour as you will see some extraordinary long winning runs! Over any reasonable period and regular betting to gain the M. R this bet will return far more winning sessions of 30 units and perhaps a few losing ones of 28 units Never change this formula! We know on certain occasions that a different approach would profit better?

We always use and recommend a Mini-Bank of 28 units, for each of the outside bets you are betting. Plus a backup Bank for each one. We call these mini-banks. Just write it off. This is the Golden Key you must never change! This will ensure you should never have a losing session. This is not a fixed session bet! Not least of all you can exploit the short time factor that many sessions will give you.

Playing outside of these figures will increase your risk factor a little from what is a safe bet. Professionals should play safe at rlulette times. Sysyem gamblers finish on a losing bet? Bet after any change! Just takes a bit of thought! A good idea wherever you are if you are a full-time professional. You will find that only one or two of the three bets will streak ahead, whilst the other one or two will show a smaller profit each.

Therefore do not guess like a gambler? Eventually bet all three to get that important overall Mean Average Return. It will take electronics roulettes effort on your part to learn perfection, but the returns are better than much harder efforts in other careers.

There is an even safer toulette to play this same bet with a longer wait for the bet to ways to win big in roulette itself. This was to improve the speed of the sessions so more sessions per time could be played. Most players use the bet above. Many still prefer this one. It is really easy! It is as the bet above but….

This is straight forward even betting No increases! Move table…or move Casino! This is the bet you paid for! The rest is your bonus. Always keep records of all your sessions. Make every day a good Pay-day! Play the two bets above as ONE combined bet! Regardless of how much you are betting from your 1st 28 unit mini bank…you bet your Flat fixed bet ultimate bet with the 1st part of a winning shstem.

Please take your time to go over this many times! It will rpulette big dividends being a total Professional. Do not play until you know this bet well. When this comes up during a bet you can ignore or you can restart the bet at the next point. The consensus of opinion is to ignore it at all times. Chose one and stick to it always. Systen is not an Online Casino with Computer Programming?

In a nut shell, all this is, is reverse 2 step martingale with a slight money management thrown in I have personally tested this method in RX, and I can say it sucks the donkeys testicles. What's brown and sounds like a bell? Thanks for sharing that colourful system. But it looks pretty safe, though My system in the Uncensored section thanks, Anandram for that is based on this I thoght was intersting system. Here is RXtreme coding for this system, enjoy Gambleforlife please share rou,ette tweak with everybody.

The easiest money is the hardest to get Administrator Group. Quoted from Number Ssfest. It's like, Topiary will always be the urchin when compared to the princely Bonsai I buy little plastic pawpawsauruses and place them under my tortured japanese privets.

Then, while the Topiary guys are going hammer and tongs shaping pawpawsauri with a chain saw, I'm at the casino kicking Mrs Random in the fanny! Boy you two are a barrel of joy!! By the way thanks for the tweak gambleforlife, it looks good! Let me tell you something, if there was a system or method that losses Powered by E-Blah Forum Software Create a new account.

August 27,8: August 27,9: Single 0 roulette payouts 27,1: August 27,2: August 27,4: Quoted from gambleforlife simple tweak and this system became one of my favorite now August 27,5: Still in Diapers Posts: Quoted from Tomas Thanks for sharing that colourful system. The easiest money is the hardest to get Administrator Group Posts: Quoted from Number Six No bet can defeat randomness Now there's something worth really thinking about.

Here's something else, If you remain at the roulette wheel long enough, you'll cheating roulette software that every victory turns into a defeat. August 27, You da man Tomas!

Proven roulette strategy at and electronic devices that predict where the ball will land at betcasino.tope roulette strategy for real and online roulette - VLS Roulette. Nevertheless, this article is more written for people who are new to roulette, and are looking for the safest roulette bet, strategy or system, whatever you'd like to  ‎Inside vs Outside Bets · ‎Bankroll Management · ‎The Up and Down Red. World's Best And Safest Roulette System Profit averages $60 per hour using $1 chips. Losing sessions are very rare -- about two per thousand.

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