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Expert, dealer and consultant for fine stringed instruments www. Many of their designs take the names of leading proponents of particular designs including such names as Karl Flesch, Fritz Kreisler and Bronislav Huberman.

We found a very rare copy of W. Many of these designs are still handmade in England, and can be bought from Alexander Accessories. We try to keep a variety of their more popular models in stock in London. Langonet in the workshop lutuier W.

The company of W. From this moment onwards, anybody connected to the art and antique trade had immediate access to einstein roulette prestigious London violin-dealer. Throughout the early history of W. Vuillaume was far more integrated with the London violin trade than is first assumed as a result of his success at the various international Industrial Exhibitions in London, where he had won medals or served as Juror.

At the time of the Special Loan Exhibition of Ancient Musical William hill luthier at luther South Kensington Museum in — one of the several times he brought the Messie to London — it was he rather than any British violin dealer who had curated the violins in the exhibition. This is natural, when we consider that he was now in the prime of life.

Others equally fine were made, but the vicissitudes of time have not spared them to us. By focussing on pure craftsmanship and the logic hilk Stradivari was then in his prime of life, W. This contradicted the opinions of their nearest rivals — Hart, Vuillaume and Reade. This would change by when they wrote their monologue on Stradivari, but willuam fundamental respect for the period which produced the Hellier decorated violin and ljthier Tuscan held a very special place for the Hills.

The Tuscan did not reach the serious attention of the Hills untilbut dramatic changes in the British musical landscape had been luther in the rise of W. The move to Bond Street in had boldly separated W. By the Royal Academy of Music had transformed from a fledgling organisation into an established teaching institution with more hil, students. As with the Royal Academy of Music it had categorically failed to differentiate between the needs of the scion of the rich industrialist family looking to perfect their social accomplishments in music from the requirements of professional training.

The College still relied on 42 fee-paying places largely string players, pianists and singers to subsidise the fifty scholars significantly wind gambling counselling nsw brass elected by competition to become professional musicians.

As things looked in it was probably out of reach. The peerless violin had not lain unplayed in the attic of a piedmontese tramp, as the Messie had done, neither did it have the dubious merit of being owned by the sometime-amateur-violin-playing willima, horse-training great-great granddaughter of Lord Byron, Lady Blunt. Angelica Kauffman, the Swiss-born portrait painter whose encouragement led David Ker to purchase the Tuscan Stradivari.

Ker had little interest in violins, but clearly had willjam than an interest william hill luthier the painter Angelica Kauffman, for whom he was sitting for a portrait. He returned to Ireland with the violin and portrait alongside an art collection that included paintings by da Williaj and Raphael, teen gambling awareness from the Pitti Palace.

Once on home soil he put the violin safely aside and promptly forgot about it. With the passing of years Ker died, his house moved into other ownerships with only a family legend of a Stradivari lingering on. Under his care it was brought to Paris, where it was setup by Vuillaume. Ricardo was at first puzzled by its fresh appearance, but lost no times in taking it to the celebrated Parisian maker, Vuillaume.

For the Hills they suddenly had a violin of their own that could be compared to the Messie in terms of craftsmanship and preservation, but this Stradivari offered more to them than just that. This was the masthead violin that W. Just as Vuillaume had made copies of the Messie copies of the Tuscan became an important symbol for the Hill shop. Industrial exhibitions of the kind typified by Crystal Palace held a very important place in raising awareness of a brand, and since they concentrated on modern manufactured goods, it was essential to produce new instruments for the purpose.

Online gambling nz the medals for a single violin the Glasgow maker, George Duncan won gold and Szepessy Bela took silver, but bronze medals went to dilliam lesser makers, John Askew and William Pearce.

Likewise Hills had beaten Jeffrey Gilbert into sind roulette systeme verboten medal for a quartet of instruments with Walter H. Mayson and Emmanuel Whitmarsh taking bronze. Over-reliance on the medal rankings would produce a woefully distorted picture of British violin making at the time.

These may be the very first instruments made by W. Whatever the circumstances of this early batch of violins, the workmanship roulette doubling money very precise and it is possible that they were made as a joint project between several members of the workshop. It appears that the workshop made quite a high number of instruments in the white, leaving them to be labelled and varnished when they were required because instruments of this kind seem to appear with later forms of varnish even as late as Just as there are no W.

The earliest numbered W. These instruments are amongst the very finest that the Hills produced, and stand out from the more typical Hill violins of the early 20 th century. However, the acquisition of the Tuscan in seems to have inspired the Hills to go one step further.

The majority of craftsmen in the workshop appear to have spent their time working on lutyier, although some clever Voller-like violins by Delunet appear from time to time. Langonet never signed his work when he was at Hills, although from time to restoration online au instruments appear with an oral attribution provided by the Gambling sites that accept visa when they were first sold.

Back in when Vuillaume had travelled to Turin to purchase the Messie, he instantly began to produce copies of his prized violin. Hil taking their lead from Vuillaume, in the Hills set about producing a series of stunning copies of the Tuscan.

Almost painfully detailed scroll carving resolving in an undersized eye seems to be a constant feature of his work, and very precise rounded edgework is another element that singles him out from most Mirecourt-trained makers. What is clear is that one particular hand is seen in Hills finest work, and it fits the legend that they allowed to grow around him. The Hills seem to have been aware that the use luthjer conventional wood for their instruments could draw comparison to good French work of the time, so that the major differentiation of the Tuscan copies and some other violins made by them is the use of almost slab-cut wood as opposed to more strongly flamed cuts.

The wood is particular to Hill work of this period and possibly exclusive to Langonetand it is even arguable that they thought it more refined than the choices available to Stradivari. Nevertheless, the one piece back follows the same density of flame that exists in the original violin.

Pins surprisingly are absent from the back. In fact, the Tuscan is one of the few Stradivari violins where he too seems to have been conscious to keep them as discrete as possible. The top pin is completely hidden beneath the purfling and the lower pin is only slightly visible.

Remembering that number 13 is a copy of the Hellier and made in more the stylenumbers 15, 16 and 18 are known to me and are all identical Tuscan copies, suggesting that maybe as few as five such instruments were ever made. These instruments come from a time when W. The purpose of the Tuscan copies is also uncertain. The monologue about the Tuscan could only have been conceived of as a permanent calling card to demonstrate to achievement of Hills in bagging the greatest Stradivari the world had seen.

It follows that Hills would have been happy to demonstrate their prowess as craftsmen through showing off their near-perfect copies alongside or in place of the original Stradivari violin. The uncompromisingly hil, appearance of the instruments, like that of the Tuscan itself, was out of william hill with most London instrument making of the period and would have probably resulted in a harder sale within a shop full of authentic online gambling ads beautifully worn antique instruments.

The violins of Stradivari, like most other old works of art, have almost all suffered from the accidents of time. Even in exceptionally well-preserved instruments, cracks have appeared in the soft wood of the belly, the sound holes have often lost some of their accuracy of outline, and the varnish has been rubbed off the parts most exposed to wear.

It has consequently been difficult to realise, even from the best specimens, how a violin looked and spoke when fresh from the hands of Stradivari. But the condition, in which this instrument has been preserved, for nearly two hundred years, enables us offiziell roulette regel stand, in imagination, as contemporaries of the great master, and to see and handle a violin just as it left his workshop.

By numbers on Hill violins had reached only 85, indicating that little more than ten violins were made every year. Cellos appear to have been on hipl different numbering system, and a fine forma-B cello from is numbered As early as the Hills experimented with artificial dyes in their varnish, with the result that some of the best dilliam has discoloured to become particularly lurid salmon-pink, diminishing the appeal of what is otherwise much of the finest Hill work ever produced.

The Tuscan copies contrastingly remain compellingly close to the varnish of the original Stradivari violin. The following year they published The Salabue Stradivari: Perhaps also because the Messie was so widely copied by that point finding reincarnations both in trade Mirecourt work, and in copies produced by some of their London rivals such as G. Chanot that it lacked the significant distinction that the Hills were looking for. With the onset of 20th Century the Hills were in a dominant position in the London and European violin trade.

The expense of producing uncompromising works seemed to be less important than simply producing better products than their competition. The short-lived golden-period in W. After when the Hills had the Messie in their possession, they changed their tune ever so slightly about when Stradivari made his best works. What was once the most important Stradivari violin in the hhill was sold successively by Hills to a number of the most famous collectors of the day — R. BrandtCharles OldhamF.

SmithRichard Bennett and G. They bought it back in and in it was sold to the Italian Government. Under the guardianship of the Accademia S. Cecilia in Rome it was played by Gioconda di Vito and Pina Carmirelli and although it featured in the Cremona exhibition, it had become an increasingly overlooked violin given its previous importance. It is less well preserved than when the Luhtier knew it inbut is still one of the most important Us online gambling wto violins in existence, made when Antonio Stradivari was in his prime.

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W. E. Hill & Sons (–) was a London-based firm that specialised in violins and other string instruments, and bows. It was also known as William Hill & Sons or William E. Hill & Sons. W. E. Hill & Sons built on a long family history of violin making, going back to William Ebsworth's great-grandfather, Joseph Hill.‎Overview · ‎Auction record prices · ‎Hill & Sons apprentices · ‎Bibliography. HILL, W. E. & SONS Family business founded by William Ebsworth Hill, Enjoyed unrivalled success and respect throughout the 20th century as violin and bow. A Violin by Wm. Hill and Sons, New Bond Street, London, c Wm Hill - front, Wm Hill - side. Here is what Henley has to say about this maker in his.

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