Опубликовано автором review ersatzkugeln fr tiroler roulette We have shortlisted the top 14 beauty websites for buying skincare products online that offer great value, flexible returns and great shipping. All the retailers listed below offer the discerning fragrance collector and savvy shopper policies and a well-rounded shopping experience.

I ordered aftershave for a Xmas gift Dec. The strange thing about this is that PayPal still accepts payment for these bastards knowing they are scammers. Your complaints should not be limited to expressing your frustration and disappointment on this site.

You are victims of a criminal act. Your can search a telephone number for Mr Tan by entering his name and suburb on deview Sensis site. Actually been scammed here - ordered perfumes, paid for them - website said review be received within a week to 10 days - almost 2 months later still received nothing - phone number on the website is not valid - sent numerous emails - never received a response - have reported it to the ACCC and Scamwatch. This site needs to be removed!

I paid for an order, received a confirmation, but received nothing. I tried calling them, but phone is not connected. I have emailed them 3 times, but received no reply. Seriously, can someone please advise what action can be taken for this website to be removed.

On 18th July I review The Seller to enquire where my order was. I did so as they said to allow days for the order to be completed. This enquiry was nearly 4 full weeks In the next week a arrived to be picked up at the local Australia Post agency. This parcel contained 1 only bottle of a Eau De Toilette. This is not what was ordered and paid for.

I contacted The Seller again to tell them about the incorrect delivery but I received no reply. Gambling growth us contacted Paypal regarding this and asked to follow this up and was later told by email that Paypal 50 no deposit bingo satisfied that The Seller had fulfilled their part of the transaction by claiming the seller has provided proof of shipment indicating that the item was shipped to you.

Because the seller was able to provide proof of shipment, we cannot reverse this transaction or issue a refund. I again contacted Revifw who said Your dispute has been escalated" Today, 12 August, I received and email asking me to have a police report filed with my local law enforcement agency and a copy of the report must be faxed to PayPal. This is not a police matter so I called Paypal and spoke to a service team manager who said that a Statutory Declaration would be satisfactory in this case.

All I want is my money refunded or for The Seller to supply what I paid for. Because the anecdotal information I have found at Sitejabber. I can only agree that It appears that this company in untrustworthy. Same experience as everyone else. This site needs to be taken down. Hi all, sad to say i have now joined the ranks of those have been ripped off by these shysters.

I put in an order 9 Cracked roofie roulette for a Christmas present. On 21 December I had heard nothing, so I emailed them and suggested that they send my order by express post so that I would receive it on 24 December weekend was in between.

I received an email on the 23 December telling me my password had been reset!! Fortunately for me, I had paid by PayPal, so I registered a complaint with on 26 December, eventually I received email to say the item had been sent which I received yesterday 7 January. I would imagine if PayPal had not intervened, I would have heard no more.

I will not use this website again. I will be reminbursed but that doesnt help anyone else out there who has paid by cash, credit card or BSB. Pretty scummy of these people. Don't bother buying on this site. I personally have emailed to no

Don't waste your time and money. I knew something was wrong, when I tried to pay. Their Bank Account name is "Pretty 4 Life". I then searched the internet and I am grateful that I found this website! Lets hope more people like me find these reviews before they waste their money!! I wish I read this blog before I put through a purchase I'm not sure how sites like this are still up an running given the number of fraudulent transactions going way back!

I have lodged a complaint online and hope to hear something back Gambling tokens strongly suggest everyone does the same I feel sick to the stomach. I wish I had read these reviews sooner but the site looked legit. I usually order from a great site essentailmall. Having paid via direct transfer, the bank says they can't do anything about it. How can I recoup my money? To all you people who are complaining about this website, DiscountPerfume.

You can do it on line, I just did! If you don't then many more people are going to be scammed by DiscountPerfume. Like the rest of you I checked out my order and you're right- it's being processed! I wish I had read these reviews before ordering perfume. I wish I had done my research beforehand. The website looks legit but the phone number is disconnected and there's no alternative phone number to them on!

Also no responses to my emails. Wish I did my research first! The site looks legit, they its safe, secure and provide an ABN. However, I ordered from the site, made a mistake and wanted to cancel one of my orders so I emailed them. I rang the number and it was disconnected.

I received a very brief email asking for an order number and nothing else, I emailed back demanding that they answer a set of questions about my order and stated that I thought they might be illegitimate. I've heard nothing from them. I rang the bank and cancelled my card.

The bank is now looking into it - if they don't find anything then i'm going to take it to the police. I suggest everyone does too, or this site will continue to screw people out of their money. I have monaco gambling received my perfume.

They don't answer the phone review respond to emails. How can these people still be in business!!! I'm taking it further. As previous reviews have said no response to emails and phone calls. Mmmmmmmm Karma to you DiscountPerfume. You will get yours!!! Price of the perfume will be naturally discounted because the perfume will be so out of date by the time you get it! If you like receieving a random selection of goods loosely based on what you ordered, a disconnected phone number, a lengthy wait for delivery, plus zero communication on the status of your order - then this is the site for you!

Stict to eBay or other reputable online places for hard to obtain brands. Via EFT I transferred john and wendy gambling money to purchase 2 perfume items around 16 Dec 09 for Christmas presents and have not seen the items 3 weeks later Have sent lots of emails and have not had a response, tried calling the number which does not connect and can't log into my account to apparently see how my order is tracking.

Shame on the apparently reputable website that recommends this website to order perfume. When I confirm which website this is, I will be back to let you know about them also. I've sent them numeriouse emails without avail.

Tried to contact them and the number provided on their website is dissconected. I've diled another number from the tax invoice they have sent me and the person who uswered the phone couldn't speak English and kept hanging up on online gambling games. Please don't purchse anything from this website, this is rreview Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Respond as company Was this review helpful?

Helpful answer 0 Votes Thanks for voting! This site has been open for three years, how come it hasnt been closed down. Oct and people are still getting burnt! Has anyone had any positive transaction with this website? See all stolen roulette rear wheel review 1. Get answers from the DiscountPerfume. How long does shipping take? What is the return policy? Where is the company located?

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25 reviews for, stars: "I ordered aftershave for a 1 review. 2 helpful votes. “TO ALL THOSE WHO LOST MONEY ON THIS I purchased 2 bottles of Perfume online from (The Seller). 11 leading online perfume stores, without spending hours hunting on the Internet. . Stephanie is the travel editor at Here are eight of the best sites to shop for perfume online when you live in Australia. You may review and compare the offers available on the list and once you have. Efragrance is Australia's premier perfume and fragrance online store with fast shipping and gift card and wrapping service available. Choose from over   Missing: perfumeonline. review: 5 комментариев

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