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Roulette club cc spelsystemen roulette Are you the owner of the company or who is he and where is he located? Hi mate, i really appreciate your concern about RnG.

Card counting and professional strategies. Learn the legitimate ways of beating slots. After 2 years of study and testing, I have to reveal that the events in the game of roulette are not merely random, so in some cases we can predict future events. I start to explain how it works, and how you can observe the formation of futures numbers inspector clouseau el rey del peligro online on previous spins.

The roulette ball knows it's futute past and present and maintain harmony and equality. The Figures There are ufc 92 gambling figures in the game of roulette 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Logged Nov 27, Nikola Tesla was once quoted as saying: Hello Orochi, Welcome to the forum!

Really looking forward to this thread developing further. Hope you will discuss more and show examples of how to play etc. Thanks for sharing your great knowledge created over the last 2 years of studying roulette. Logged Nov 28, All start with 1. To obtain the root of a number just add the digits.

Zero came from prime of number This is only the first step to understand the process. Now i will attach a XLS file them u can input the spins and see how it works. Frank 13 36 Key Time: Marta 36 Key Time: Time to sleep now! I will come back tomorrow. Logged Nov 29, Orochi, looking forward with your excel sheet. What I dont understand is the meaning of "Key Time" Ray. I finished the based sums table, just try it!

It's a starting point. Later i will explain the time of rotation. I have to go deeper, because is a very complex process. Just with this table u can win, just bet when the trigger appear and learn observing when u have to stop betting, and my advice is for flat betting. Play attention to the series of nine: The more luck if they are repeated on the board together with 9.

The series of nine increases or decreases the value of all the other figures or series. So when you are sitting at a table game, remember that your luck will depend on these four simple numbers. Turner Global Moderator Orochi on Nov 28, Excel only indicate the basic bets, is hard to build a sheet with complex conditions, and im not expert in excel or vba code. I will try my best to improve the conditions.

Orochi on Nov 29, Logged Nov 30, To support my theory, I have to start introducing to "how the numbers work" 1. Modular arithmetic Is a system of arithmetic for integers, where numbers "wrap around" upon reaching a certain value—the modulus. A familiar use of modular arithmetic is in the hour clock, in which the day is divided into two hour periods. If the time is 7: Likewise, if the clock starts at Since the hour number starts over after it reaches 12, this is william hill rules postponed games modulo Card counting and professional strategies Poker Roulette club cc Learn the legitimate ways of beating slots Sports Betting Forum:

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