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Home Help Login Register. Please login or register. Do you want truth? You cannot handle the truth! Jake Mature Member Posts: Well, it looks so promising, but what is the holy grail you speak of? Jake on January 22, BlueAngel on January 22, forum, It bets against the last 8 decisions of any EC pair and using a labby I what does dimes mean in gambling this about the system but i dont understand how to bet it.

How do i bet against the last 8 results? We use simple martingale 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,, or a labby. For those who have RX software just copy paste the following on your system editor: More results for your perusal [attachment deleted by admin]. Hi Vip roulette forum, Can you please describe the system as clearly as possible? Write down last 8 results: I think this is enough clear. My SSB system is something like these systems. The chance for a loss is very small.

The sum of the profit can be more than the loss of a lossing streak. The excel program for SSB is free. I made it for a spin sample but it is easy to expand the program for a vip roulette sample. BlueAngel you can test the program with your system tester.

In other topics on this side I have described more details and published some diagrams.

VIP Roulette Anyone know anything about Logged. Nov 06, PM This time next year rodney we'll be. vip roulette. New member; *. 0. Roulette | Member; Rated: +1. vip roulette. vip roulette. Source: vip roulette. Forum Name, Latest Post Info, Topics, Replies Discuss anything else related to Roulette here. Arrow Roulette Systems & Strategy Discussion.

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