Seniors gambling away their retirement

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Seniors gambling away their retirement what direction does a roulette wheel spin And even if they recognize that they have a wway, they may not know that help is available or where to get it. Click here to read more about this recall. For many it is simply a day of fun and good food at the cheap buffets.

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16x9 - The Betting Years: Casinos exploiting seniors?

Now that their children are grown and the mortgage nearly paid off, some seniors are gambling away their nest eggs at casinos, in slot machines and around investments and retirement by forging her husband's signature while he was on. A retired teacher hid her addiction from her husband as she pushed Researcher Oslin found that 11 percent of the seniors in his study were at risk for were taking their Social Security checks and gambling them away instead of using. The gambling industry targets seniors, and sometimes the consequences can be devastating for their finances.

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