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Saliu roulette forum xsellize vip roulette I contacted him briefly about 5 years ago to query his claim that fourm had the "holy grail". We see that number saliu roulette forum events, which is 3 in the example above, becomes the exponent n in the introductory and fundamental probability equation for multiple events that's been around for hundreds of years: When referring to the table below it helps to realise the following two self evident facts:

Casino Video Poker Forum: Casino Sports Betting Forum: Steve Admin crew Top Foulette I'll address some of the rubbish the strange man Ion Saliu said. I'm not sure what his problem is, but he's accusing me of pirating his methods when he knows nothing about them. He based it all on a demo video on my site, but he knows nothing about what I teach. I'll clear a few things roullette This man is an idiot.

He is referring solely to the video at http: Do salii use half-wheel predictions in reality? What you bet on depends on the analysis. In fact online ausmalen disney if you bet a sector that is too large or too rouldtte, then you dilute your edge. Ion would have no clue about this - he is a roulette amateur who has even attacked the concept of roulette computers stating roullette just cant work, and that perhaps possibly NASA could design something that might work.

The forjm IS an amateur that really has no idea. I knew of Ion for a long time, and briefly saw the rubbish on his site, about roulette, gambling form more. Any experienced player would see his theories and understand he really doesn't know anything. I contacted him briefly about 5 years ago to query his claim rou,ette he had the "holy grail".

Yeah he we asliu again, another CEH. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt, despite his theories being muddled up. After that I forgot he existed. Then almost a year ago, someone told me that on his site he was claiming that I pirated his system. I read what he wrote, and the man is just an idiot. Anyway I emailed him the following: Free slots no deposit win real money Ion, I have just been alerted to your pages at http: I have never seen any of your systems, and based on what you have said you obviously know very little about our systems.

I have only just reviewed some of your gambling theory which unfortunately cannot be used to saliu roulette forum the house gambling lost 500. But I dont want to argue on this point. I just want to correct your misconceptions below: The video demo you referred to demonstrates half-wheel accuracy.

Because the wheel is circular and we are demonstrating a basic principle. Either way the video is just a basic demo. Does our system predict half-wheel? Only one element, which is bias. Bias occurs for many reasons, such as wheel wobble, worn bearings etc.

You did not invent bias fourm and neother did we, and I find it ludicrous you claim you did. I suggest you read our free evaluation document at http: As gorum whether or not bias analysis works, I suggest you research the matter instead of misleading your visitors. Every wheel has some bias, although usually it is too small to beat roulette alone, which is why any found bias is incorporated into our method to achieve maximum accuracy. We basically roulettr legitimare patterns for a roulehte edge - we call this culmination of patterns a "custom variant".

With the exception of half-wheel bias as explained above, our system does NOT predict the half of the wheel. You are obviously not aware that on most wheels, betting as rulette as 19 numbers actually dilutes your edge. It appears your systems are mathematically based. You cannot beat roulette with mathematics. If you think you can, I suggest http: That is just plain ridiculous. Firstly it is nowhere near piracy - it is just your ignorance - I dont mean this in an offensive way, but ignorance and "jumping the gun" is exactly what has happened.

Secondly, our reasons for not taking on new players soon is exactly as we stated. Rorum, clearly you have made an error here. You have attacked us thinking we had copied something of yours, without you have any idea about our systems. I've now made you aware german gambling machines this. Whether or not you correct the issue is up to you. I got no response to the email. He just continued to attack me like boy roulette pink blind child.

This is absolute rubbish. His methods are based on gambler's fallacy, and cannot work. I have absolutely no interest in his methods with the exception I think I contacted him about 5 years ago because he claimed to have the holy grail, despite his underlying theories being completely wrong. I asked if he'd be willing to sell it as per the terms frum www. I have made the same offer to many people who claim to have the holy grail. Again, his systems are based on gamblers fallacy and cannot work - it is absolute fact, yet he masquerades as a pro just like CEH.

Forester published all of Ion's attacks against me on his site, because it suits him. Forester has no interest in the truth, forum he himself would know from Ion's material that the man's entire approach to roulette is a joke. The video was removed because someone deceived youtube, probably him. Saliiu was of the video of spanish bias players who did well. I make it very clear these players are NOT my players - they are simply other players who used some of the techniques I teach.

I have NEVER claimed they are my players and when people ask me about it, I clearly state they used bias, and it's part of what Roulete teach, but salu reality very few of my players use bias analysis because there are far better methods. My point of showing the video is that advantage play and legitimate methods to beat roulette exist.

He claims I secretly use his program to do analysis for my players. That program rouletfe his simply generates RNG numbers. This was years ago. From recollection, Ion claimed to have the holy grail to beat even RNG spins. Only in his most recent material has he understood the relevance of real wheels.

But he still thinks he can beat roulette with probability - just an amateur. I'm afraid Ion has very serious problems with salui own sense of self-importance - delusion, actually. I had very brief contact with him about 5 years ago, then forgot he existed. We had no bad blood at all - I just made a query until now I had completely forgotten about because Sliu is just like CEH. Then suddenly, half a decade later, he starts attacking me because he saw a video and there is mention of "half wheel" and he thinks it has anything to do with him.

Most of what Ion said is just immature personal nonsense, and stuff he has no idea about. I think Ion's condition is called "delusions of grandeur". That is the last I'll bother with him- if I wasted time on every moron, it would be a wasted life. In all, Ion is just a scammer saliu roulette forum absolute nonsense.

If he really thinks I copied anything of his, his condition is roulefte good. If he one day finds he was mistaken, people like him have too much pride to apologize and correct themselves. John Gold Medium Member To be honest, I salu this Ion guy is certainly a sandwich short of a picnic.

If he really did not like you, he would just call you an idiot. How does that work? I suppose it's a good deflection from answering any questions about his methods. Laugh my friends even if it kills forrum, for at least you'll die happy. Foruk need only look at a small part of his material to understand he doesnt know what he's talking about.

I am so over dealing with morons - they are everywhere. He's just another one.

Thank you victor for this great tool, others interested in Ion Salius work to use this tool may read here, hxxp: saliu. com/ u seen this? - Roulette The Saliu Free Winning Roulette System #1. A diligent There was a lengthy article in my previous forum (closed for good now). It had a lot of. Ion Saliu is a man of great experience and knowledge,he is revealing his experience with the wheel,his philosophical approach at his website:  A Professional Roulette Player's Earnings 3, Questions and Answers.

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