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Unisonic 888 slide roulette al gambling indictments Exists in several colors variations at least 4. Do you like any of these alternate helmets? Then there are those items that just never go out of style and we included one of those as well.

As, we head into the season, the question continues to be asked: Will the Sooners utilize an alternate uniform on the future? Some of the current Sooner players and recruits have stated the would like to see the Sooners field an alternate uniform.

Click to this article by Rouoette Sports with every nearly every new uniform in college football for But alas, the Sooner sports administration has remained quiet on the idea of alternate uniforms. The Sooners did field a throwback jersey in against Texas tech to honor the great teams of Bud Wilkinson, but that is it so far. Many have wondered what might a Sooner alternate jersey or helmet look like. Well, here are some concept alternate helmets by Charles Sollars:.

Do you like any of these alternate helmets? Where do you come out on these concepts or alternate uniforms in general? Are you a traditionalist or progressive? Not real big on anything but OU on the helmet, but I do like the idea unisoni an upgrade to the uniforms, maybe change and have present uniforms worn on senior days…. Look at what just happened when the new Band Director wanted to change the Band intro to our games.

I think they should keep the red and white and have the similar idea OSU has. It would be cool to see red pants and white jerseys or all red in a game. Definitely keep the logo OU on the helmet. Those two letters are the most powerful in college football.

I love the white helmet with the red OU. The rest of those helmets… Not so much. Get a white alternative helmet, get red alternative pants, and unksonic no further down that road. The schooner logo looks good as a shoulder patch or on the sleeves, but NOT on a helmet. Not now, and not ever.

The schooner looks atrocious and the unksonic helmet with OU looks to much like nebraska. You could do the OU emblem with a dust storm look to it or a cowboy riding a horse with a claim stake in his off can you beat the pokies but that might be to much slide roulette wyoming. All crimson uniforms with a grey shoulder pads witha the ou emblem on each shoulder and a grey stripe down each leg.

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