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Online roulette cheat system nudist men roulette This is because we do not bet anymore if the 3 mark or anything higher hits, we just wait for the next round. The thing we have to watch for is making a pattern.

Take a look at it it's really ace. It is very important to read the Entire guide, even the boring parts. Just because this part may be confusing to those who don't know how the system works. I put this part at the top because these are important tips you need to remember while using my system PART 1: For instance let's say a 5 comes up, then a 3, then another 5 Live roulette 866 reality, this is 3 times, but when using my system, consider it only 2 times because the computer will duplicate 's and it will consider it only one This will cehat make no sense to you right now.

Once you read the guide, I suggest reading these tips again roulwtte again till you know exactly how to use it. Print this out and use during Practice mode if you wish. Onilne tips will make much more sense once you know how the system works. If you have less than I have personally lost a lot of my money many times doing this. I also bet 1. A lot of times it hits on the first try, I don't know why, it is just the way their computer casino software is programmed I guess.

This is nothing like a oline casino This is all about the computer at this casino. Sstem do rouletet if you plan to fool the computer meaning you create a pattern because cehat will then know what the computer is going to do in response to your pattern and you can suddenly change your strategy or bet on the gambling site successful where you know the computer is going to hit.

It reacts pretty much the same way everytime to the different patterns you may do. For instance, let's say you're playing Roulette and you bet on a certain group. The cueat makes a note of where you are betting and it will stop hitting that group. So, in this case we know chheat the computer will hit the ZERO or the other 2 groups. Simply bet on the other 2 groups same amount and you should win. If you bet So in other words what you put down is what you win.

But you put it on both groups because we are not sure which one inline hit, but we are pretty sure that one of them will because the computer has noticed we won on the other group. I do NOT recommend even doing this, because it is still a small risk that you will lose, I am just putting it here for people that like to take small risks and make huge amounts of money So, if you bet 1. You can easily do this several times per sstem, once you see how the computer works, you will know when it is going to hit the ZERO.

I usally win on my first try betting on dheat, and I will tell you later exactly how to spot when it comes up as well. Also I recommend spinning without betting everytime after you logout and come back to the casino. This onlnie when they seem to review your last strategies the most and try to syystem them automatically at the beginning.

Just let them pass. I can send them all to you as a bonus, but here in this email will be the real money maker that was advertised on ebay. I have bought all onlinne systems out there, so I know all of them. I can tell you any one you want, but none of them work online.

I am the only one I know of who sells info that actually works online. Some of the other systems would work great in a real casino as they put the odds in your favor. I will include them at your request. Whoever olnine the same software as them, I guess it would, but I only recommend doing it at Casino On Net.

OK, first off you create your account everything is explained below in the next chapter on how to do this and get the free bonus money to play with and then you log cheag to your account. Go straight for the Roulette Table and pick Private Table. You don't want to bet anything until we are sure what is going to come up next. For now, just spin and watch. Notice it will hit 's between 1 and 36 or it might hit the 0. These are ALL the possible 's it can hit. It will roulwtte hit a between 0 and 36 every single time.

That is the rouleyte but I chat it here for people who have never played cheat system. Notice on the roulette board there are different betting spots besides the 's. There are spots labeled 3rd12, 2nd12, 1st12 these spots are the main ones we are going to be betting on. So, if you were to bet 5. You win back 3x your bet on these spots. Shstem, if you bet 5. And also on the ZERO. Almost anytime it hits the zero unless it hits it randomly you will be a winner if you follow this system.

As explained above you win back 36 x your bet in this case. Not a bad return!! I win on this everyday that I play, so I know it is consistant. OK, so when we spin without betting we can see the computer riulette just hit random 's pretty much. This is because we are not doing anything, so it has nothing to counter. I noticed that before you ever bet, the computer is not liekly to hit the same group more than 2 times in a row.

So, watch and if you see that it never does, simply wait for it to hit the same group 2 times in a row, and then bet 1. Once you win, you get 3. Do this with If you lose though, it will take 2 wins to make up for the loss, so I don't recommend this unless you know for a fact which group the computer is going to hit next. You only do this when onllne have the computer desperate, which means it often hits the zero in that case.

You WILL get the computer desperate if you follow this system. Onlkne, really this is 3 systems in one. You will gambling method double making money from betting on the 2 groups plus making money betting on the ZERO and on the red and black. Back to the strategy. Or if you placed no insurance when I Say insurance it's just my term, i mean a normal bet bets on the zero, you would make 1.

By betting and winning on the 2 other groups after it hit the same group 2 times in a roulettee, will let the computer catch on to your strategy. It might take ssytem couple zystem of you doing so, but to be safe european roulette en prison will rouletet it will only take one time. It can catch on after only one time. I have seen it do so.

It has not totally caught on, but it has an idea. Therefore, it will start to hit the same group a lot of times in a row, to try and counter what you did and it hopes you will lose by betting after I will call it the "2 mark" for short the 2 mark. Well, in this case we simply alter the pattern and bet on the SAME group which has hit in a row instead of betting on the opposite 2 cheat system.

Watch what it does for a little bit. See how many times it will hit the same group in a row after what onoine have just done. This will be much easier to understand once you get in and play for real. I recommend printing this and using it while you play Now, what did you notice?

You will notice the wheel has started hitting the same group 3 or more times in a row now. Remember before it would never do that? It is only doing it now because you won after the "2 mark" so the computer is trying to counter it thinking you may have a pattern. It doesn't matter, because we will SWITCH systems other system is explained in detail below after each win to fool it even more.

The thing we have to watch for is making a pattern. If we do roulettf, the computer will hit the same group upto 10 times in a row!! I have personally never seen it go past chet, but a customer of mine told me they saw it hit 13 times in a row!! They seriously were doing something wrong, because if you do not make a pattern out of yourself of any kind then this will never happen.

I can't stress it enough, do not do anything that has a pattern. That means, each time you win ANY bet, go back to a different system and you can watch what the computer does in response to your last move. Cheqt it did muse roulette wheel green and and tries to hit you with a big losing streak it won't matter because you won't be betting that strategy anyways!

But they won't catch on if you follow this correctly and it's very simple, don't worry You'll get it pretty quick. You will notice it has a counter for everything you do. If you spin without betting, it has no pattern to catch on oline though. Be patient with the spinning, it can get boring, but just think of it as a "job" and you can spin the wheel 50 times in under 5 minutes It's really actually pretty fun, just don't do it all day.

Just do it for a few hours MAX per day split up into online roulette sessions, because you won't even need to do it longer anyways if you follow this system exactly. You will make between 50 and per day for sysrem a few hours of work. You want to get familiar with the computer, and start out betting small.

Later on I tell you how to play without having to worry about this Always watch for patterns that the computer makes.

To win at online roulette with my system is possible! Earning while playing online roulette for me would have been impossible if I had not worked before for well. Find out how to win at roulette with with 99% chance. Best roulette strategy Strategy to Cheat Online. secret online roulette cheating system -

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