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Gambling room escape game gambling arbing Fantasy Turkey Forest Escape. Wow Thanksgiving Wild Escape.

I think we need to count how many of each suit and put in the puzzle? I liked that one. Eescape horseshoe can't be seen use pliers all around the bottom right quadrant of the bricks behind the curtain. OK I guess I'm a total idiot because I can't take any pieces of wood and I am stuck with the wrench and can't find the other horseshoe. I placed the first shoe then found the 2nd and the first disappeared! Has anyone figured out how to get that bottle of old 7 open?

I cannot seem to get the cap off. I am not to worried about the glass. Click on green Lamp escspe get key located on the left hand side of light shade. Best sign up bonuses out and then click under right hand side of desk to get wrench underneath. Click on silver Pipe and above wheel, get first horseshoe. Escape game left and click on window with green curtain and open it to see it is boarded up.

Zoom out and then zoom into plant in corner and escape game the leaves, which are room. Turn left and zoom in to piled up boxes on the floor and click in between the two top right ones and a safe will appear. Open it with the golden key. Place the first horseshoe found in the bottom slot to right of clubs, spades etc. Turn left and click on hat stand and get pliers. Now go to boarded eacape window and remove the four nuts with pliers and you will see a brick wall.

It will also say foom love Jazz" using a heart, so you know you have to count one heart. Use pliers in the right bottom corner of the brick wall to get second horseshoe. I'm not sure where you count for the clubs, but the amount for the clubs is 2. Now in safe, put in one heart, 5 spades, 2 clubs and 3 diamonds and the safe should open.

Use wrench on cannon to get wheel. Zoom in on door and put wheel in gaambling opening and you're out! That game was a nice break from work. Please visit the site for details. Please help william hill robbery small heath the word.

Thanks everyone and good luck. You count the clubs by looking on the table. There is a hand of cards laid out on the gambling ancient times. The only one you can see is the card on the top which is a two of clubs. Subscribe and get daily new escape games by email. Please read our Commenting Rules before posting your comment!

You can use Rot13 Converter tool for adding and showing spoilers! We use "nofollow", so don't waste your time for spamming! Walkthrough links from YouTube and other sites also are not allowed! Gather items, use them in right places and escape the room. Good luck and have fun! Oh I must be blind, counted then wrong, can not see them soooo little. I only saw 3 diamonds floor It looks like we need a second horse shoe. The first one goes roulette 8 the puzzle box.

I cant find other horseshoe too I'm new to these games The 2 of clubs comes from the cards on the table. The gambling room card is a 2 of clubs. Hahahaha, that's so funny. Post a Comment Please read our Commenting Rules before posting your comment! Weekly Most Popular Games. Thanksgiving Holiday House Escape. Wow Medieval Thanksgiving Escape. Big Thanksgiving Underwater Fish Escape. Wow Find Thanksgiving Party House. Wow Happy November Escape. Save the White Turkey.

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Real World Escape - Wedding. Yearly Most Popular Gamblng. Big Halloween Templeland Escape. Big Butterfly Land Escape. All games are copyrighted or trademarked by their respective owners. Contact Us Privacy Policy. Gambling Room Escape Walkthrough.

Walkthrough for the point and click room escape game "Gambling Room Escape". Magician Room Escape 2 Walkthrough - Duration: Games24 5, views · · Escape Series 4: The. Gambling Room Escape, What's this gambling room hiding? The way out.

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