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Somepeople aged gamble each week, according to a recent report by the Gambling Commission. To gambling teachers this in context, this is more than the number who have an alcoholic drink or smoke a cigarette. As online gambling becomes more prevalent, the need for education about the difference between responsible and problem gambling is becoming apparent.

The minimum legal age for most types of gambling in the UK is Exceptions are the National Lottery and scratch cards 16 or olderand certain types of arcade game, such as penny slots. It often disproportionately affects already at-risk groups, including those with low emotional states and those already engaging in risky behaviour, such as truanting or drug use.

Online gambling gambling teachers be particularly difficult for schools to monitor. And whereas a young person regularly frequenting a bookmaker might be easy to spot, the amount of time they teacherz gambling online is hard to track.

At a whole-school level, filtering software that blocks access to sites with gambling functions, can be effectively implemented. Meanwhile, charities such as GamCare provide online resources aimed at young people: The site provides blogs and interactive features aimed at raising awareness of responsible gambling and opportunities for support. Online services such as these can complement, but not replace, supportive conversations with teachers or other responsible adults.

To make sure staff at school feel comfortable having these types of conversations, enlist an external training provider to coach your team on how to gambliing for problems online scratchies au where to refer young people for further information and support. GamCare offers this training free of charge.

Megan Pengelly is youth outreach coordinator at GamCare. For more information, go to bit. Gamblin Tes magazine online and delivered to your door. Stay up to date with the latest research, teacher innovation and insight, plus classroom tips and techniques with a Tes magazine subscription. With a Tes magazine subscription you get exclusive access to our CPD library.

Skip to main content. The amount of time young people spend gambling online is hard to track, and the ways in which they gamble are evolving, but schools can highlight the dangers. Ultimately, online problem gambling is a safeguarding issue and teachers must treat it as such.

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Gambling Teachers Learn to Win programs, + free lessons, gambling quiz, fast track series, casino terms taught by professional gamblers. These tips and statistics can help you recognize and prevent problem gambling behavior among students. Get facts and ideas with links to. Co-Co's AdverSmarts: An Interactive Unit on Food Marketing on the Web is an educational game for young children. The purpose of the game is to teach five- to.

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